Summary: No doubt Jesus Christ is what we need to survive.

May 18, 2003


The Bread that will Last Forevermore, JESUS CHRIST

He began His ministry by being hungry, yet He is the Bread of Life.

Jesus ended His earthly ministry by being thirsty, yet He is the Living Water.

Jesus was weary, yet He is our rest. Jesus paid tribute, yet He is the King.

Jesus was accused of having a demon, yet He cast out demons.

Jesus wept, yet He wipes away our tears.

Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver, yet He redeemed the world.

Jesus was brought as a lamb to the slaughter, yet He is the Good Shepherd.

Jesus died, yet by His death He destroyed the power of death.

Gregory of Nazianzus, A.D. 381.

The greatest man ever lived on earth is Jesus Christ. He is not just an ordinary person but He is also God who possesses the supernatural ability that exceeds human comprehension. He became one among us so that we may be able to understand his purpose, the why’s and how’s of our faith journey.

This I would like to tell you, people have something in common…

rich or poor, educated or not… we all have a need for a Savior and Lord. We all have a vacuum within us that only Jesus Christ can fill in.

So if all people need Jesus, what’ s in Him that we need to know.

Then, let’s talk about this Jesus, who made the great difference in the history of this world.

Jesus Christ began His ministry by being hungry, yet He is the Bread of Life.

Matthew 4: 1-2 “Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

And when He had fasted forty days and forty nights, afterward He was hungry.”

Jesus Christ commence His ministry with suffering. From conception, it was a public disgrace for her mother. Then, Mary & Joseph walked miles after miles in order to escape from King Herod’s plot to kill the baby Jesus. Jesus Christ was born in a manger while the babies nowadays were born in air-conditioned rooms in the hospitals.

Jesus Christ’s coming to this world is a not an easy go lucky journey.

He came to earth purposely to suffer and died for the redemption of mankind and to set an example for people to follow.

He fasted for 40 days to show us the power of praying and fasting in His ministry. I do believe Jesus Christ loved food just like Filipinos do. But, he has to do that to show us an example for us to emulate.

How many of us here who are willing to sacrifice in the name of Christian service and love?

By nature, man has the tendency to look after the benefits first before doing any service.

If we look at Christ’s ministry, we will discover that he was engage in all forms of self-denial, setting aside His own pleasure for the sake of the people He loves so much.

(Ill) Ima was inviting a lady in the mall to attend our fellowship and her response was, “ invite me, when you have Filipino foods then I will go.”

How about if there is no food, will she come or not?

What is our motivation for joining the Sunday Worship Service?

We all love food , we need to have fellowship meal to make us closer to one another. I believe in that, but eating is not all we need to do here in the fellowship. We need to discover the benefit of sitting around the table in the fellowship hall. It’s our way of sharing one another’s burden through sharing our stories, our joys, our pains, our problems. We can be a blessing by just being a good listener. We can help each other through the good words and advises we tell to our brothers and sisters.

But I have requests to make, first, I encourage you to find different group every time we have meal together. Pls. Sit with different group so that we will have the opportunity to talk to everybody in our fellowship. Let us avoid just sitting with the same group always.

Another thing, please make sure that after our meal, let us all help each other in the cleaning up. I could see the same people doing the clean up. Please take initiative in helping make the social hall neat and clean.

It’s a reality that many people are starving and living below the poverty line, but who is to blame in these situations – the government or the people themselves?

God did not create men to be lazy and poor.

In the Genesis account what God had created are all good and beautiful.

He provided everything to sustain life. Name it you can have it.

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