Summary: Two areas life/Satan most frequently attacks people of God are in the “mind and emotions.”

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Ephesians 6:13-18

May 11, 2014

The Breastplate of Righteousness


• Studying pieces “the whole armor of God.”

• “armor or God” necessary tool/our fight against the devil

• W/o every piece/armor/place, we/easy prey /enemy.

• pieces/armor/missing, Satan/little trouble defeating us’

• little trouble damaging our testimonies

• infiltrating/devastating our churches

• When the armor is missing, we are easily defeated.

Yet/when/saint/God dressed “the whole armor of God,” enemy has a hard time dealing with them

• When/armor is in place, he cannot penetrate their defenses

• He must watch helplessly/they “stand” for God’s glory

• As they stand victoriously and powerful.

I want that to be my testimony, how about you?


Let’s continue examine/pieces “the whole armor of God.”

Knowing what they are/how to use them will help us to “stand” for the Lord in victory

• First pieces of armor/14a/“belt of truth.”

• Refers/life of total commitment/Lord

• Life/built upon faithfulness/Word of God

• Speaks/truth in testimony and truth in living

• “belt of truth” will provide/Christian soldier stability

W/o the “belt of truth” the soldier/God will find the other pieces of the armor useless.



“Breastplate” sleeveless piece/armor covered/full torso/soldier.

No Roman soldier would dare go/battle w/o “breastplate” in place

• Several ways to make “breastplates” in that day.

1. Some/heavy pieces of leather---shaped to fit/upper body.

“breastplate” then covered/overlapping slices of animal hooves, horns, or pieces of metal.

2. Some/made/very think pieces of linen cloth

kind “breastplate” also covered/strips of hooves, horns, or metal.

3. third kind/I would/preferred since I am allergic to pain

Made/large pieces/metal were hammered to fit the body.


Regardless/kind of “breastplate” the soldier wore, intent/same

• “breastplate”/designed/protect/ vital organs/housed/torso

• “breastplate” protected/heart/lungs/liver/stomach

• age before antibiotics/advanced surgery techniques

• wound/part/body would not only be very painful

• it would have likely been fatal too

• Soldier depended “breastplate” protect him/injury/death.


Spiritual significance/piece of armor becomes clear when you stop to remember/ancient world believed

• “heart” represented “the will and the mind” of a person

• also believed “bowels,” we call “internal organs,” the “guts”,

• Represented “the seat of emotion or feelings.”

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