Summary: The Burden Lifting Day

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A. God’s prophetic plan is always on Schedule.

1. Some periods sem to witness a faster pace of fulfillment.

2. Examples of seemingly slow times

a. Israel captivity 400 years

b. The 400 years of silence

3. Examples of swift fulfillment

a. The deliverance from Egypt

b. The time of the birth of Christ

c. This present time

B. The curtain opens

1. Preparation for the birth of Christ

2. This preparation begins with the announcement f another birth, John

C. Zacharias and Elisabeth

1. Zacharias was a priest

2. Elisabeth was of the line of Aaron.

1. Let us consider The Burden in their lives.

A. They had no child

1. Elisabeth was barren

2. Both were now well stricken in years

B. Only a few verses after we meet them, we are aware of this

1. This must have been paramount in their thoughts

2. Others knew this was their problem

3. Could not know them long without his being known.

C. Good people...but

D. Perhaps your burden eclipses all of your blessings

1. You have come with it today

2. What is your burden?

a. Is it a wrong relationship with others?

b. is it ill health? Money trouble? Home trouble?

c. Is there some besetting sin?

2. Burden Lifting Day Arrived

A. Today the answer to their prayers would come

B. Today a longing in each of them would be satisfied, the empty place filled

C. Some things to notice about that day

1. It was an ordinary day preceded by an ordinary yesterday

2. The carried out their ordinary duties

3. Zacharias went to the temple as usual

4. It was a day of prayer

D. Burden lifting days in the Bible

1. Bartimaeus outside the Jericho

2. Zacchaeis up the tree

3. The Ssamartian Woman at the well


A. They had hoped for a baby

1. One to whom they could show their love

2. One in whom they could see themselves

3. One who could keep their memory alive in the neighborhood

B. God gave them a child still they are

1. Multitudes would come to hear him preach

2. Even wicked Herod was in his congregation

C. The forerunner of Christ

D. The angel’s announcement...the birth

E. The prophecy of Zacharias

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