Summary: Moses’ experience with the Burning Bush contains a message for every Christian who is searching for the will of God.


By Pastor Jim May

Perhaps it was a Wednesday afternoon, as the sun burned hot in the sky over the desert of Midian. It was just another day, one of many tedious, boring days, that had been spent wandering through the wilderness in search of answers. Walking along, standing watch over the sheep, or sitting upon the rocks that littered the landscape as the flock took its fill of water at the wells of his father-in-law, Moses was alone with his thoughts and mostly silent as he contemplated his life and all that had transpired.

In the shadows of his memory were thoughts of a life that had long since passed into the sands of time. It seemed that they were of another world, or another lifetime. He was no longer a “Prince in Egypt”, but a poor shepherd on the backside of the desert, eking out an existence in the land where he had finally chosen to settle down. At least here was some peace.

But his mind would never cease to go back to those days in Egypt. Again and again, he would think of the Hebrews, the chosen people of Almighty God, who were still serving in bondage to the most powerful king on earth, Pharaoh of Egypt. How he longed to see his people free from their slavery. But what could he do other than go back and join them in the brick pits, or face execution?

I sometimes feel that way when I think of my lost loved ones. How I long to see them saved from the clutches of sin. Would to God that I could somehow set them free, but I don’t have that power, not within my own strength. I wouldn’t accomplish much more than risking the chance of falling into sin with them if I tried. It has to be done through a mighty move of God. Only God has that power to deliver from the slavery of sin!

Moses thought of Egypt but no longer could he walk the ornate halls of the imperial palace with his head held high, proud to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He would never again lead Egypt’s armies into battle as their commander. Now he was considered a traitor, and a murderer, and his name had been stricken by decree from all the records of Egypt.

In reality though, Moses really didn’t miss the regalia of Egypt. The power, prestige, honor and glory of Egypt was nothing more than a dream that had faded into oblivion, because Moses knew, that somehow, he was where he needed to be.

But where would he go from here? What plan for his life did God have in mind? Was this all there was? Would he simply live out the rest of his life tending sheep and living the life of a nomad in the desert country?

I’m sure that Moses had many questions in his heart, and not a whole lot of answers. All he knew to do was to take the next step, live the next day and wait for God to make the next move.

On this day, in the heat of the day, as the sun shone high in the sky, God was about to make his move and Moses’ life would be forever changed.

Have you ever wondered why God has you where you are right now? Has there been a time, and maybe even now, when you question God’s ways? What next God? Is there anything more for me? Have you forgotten me?

Moses lived on the backside of the desert for 40 long years while he waited for God to answer, and for the next phase of his life to begin.

It seems that Moses entire live was divided into three 40 year increments. He was 40 years old when he killed the Egyptian and fled into the desert. Then he was 80 years old when he received the 10 Commandments from God in Mt. Sinai and then 120 years old when he died and God buried him on top of the mountain.

Sometimes it seems that it takes God a long time to move on our behalf. I think that’s why so many people end up in trouble spiritually. We are people who don’t have much patience. We are people who want our answers and we want them now. “God, if you have something for me to do, then show me and let me get going right now.” How often do we fail to wait upon the Lord, or to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit, and go off on our own understanding, only to find our plans have been shipwrecked on the circumstances in the seas of our lives. We need to develop patience and learn to wait upon the Lord.

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