Summary: The Confidence that we Have to Enter in the Most Holy Place trough Jesus Christ

The Call to Persevere

Text (Hebrew 10:19-25)


Looking for Jesus

A little girl had been listening while her mother’s friends were speaking about the imminent return of the Lord. After some time she was missed, so her mother went in search of her. She found her looking out a window at the top of the house. Asked what she was doing she said, "Oh, Mother, I heard you say Jesus might come today, and I wanted to be the first to see Him. See, I washed myself and put on a clean dress."

We are Christians and that is thanks our Lord Jesus Christ that washed our sins away so that we can be the first to see Him Coming.

I. Being confident for facing God (Heb 10:19)

a. Therefore “brothers” that sweet word “brothers” means that we are part of the big family

b. With this we understand that we are having;

 the same blessings

 we are in unity

 And tender affection

c. By the blood of Jesus and His sacrifice we have the opportunity to enter in His Kingdom

d. We are called to enter in the Most Holy Place

 This is the most holy place.

 This is the place of God’s manifest majesty, glory and presence.

 This is the place of mercy.

 This is the place where our Father is,

 where our Savior is, where our brothers are, where our Sacrifice is

e. Here we come in the presence of God in prayer through Christ

f. Here we pour out hearts to the Lord

g. Here we find mercy, grace and peace.

h. And soon we will enter at His gates praises through blood of Jesus

i. We have the confidence because through Him we are consecrated

j. So Let us draw near to God with a true Faith

k. Let us draw near to God with the true love

II. A Great Priest in the Presence of God only for us (Heb 20:21)

a. Now we may approach God himself with Confidence

b. Drawing near to Him by faith in Jesus Christ

c. Because now Jesus is the Great High Priest sitting in God’s presence

d. Now Jesus is our advocate to the Father for our sins (1John 2:1-2)

e. Through Him we may forgiven

f. Through Him we gain another opportunity for being in the Presence of God

g. Jesus is our propitiation

III. Let us draw near to the Father (Heb 10:23)

a. With a true Heart

b. With full assurance of Faith

c. Having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience Like

 being blind

 perverse

 corrupt

d. And our bodies washed with pure water

e. Be willing to be changed in the shape that God wants

f. Be thankful for the grace that God has shown for us

g. Grace in the heart clean the whole being

h. God loves to see His children clean and that is only by His grace

IV. Hold fast to the hope that we have (Heb 10:23)

a. Hope in Jesus

 In Him our sins are washed away

 In Him we are clean and with a new life

 In Him we have new way of approaching life

 In Him we have seen the love that God has for us

 In Him Grace of God has been pour out for us

 In Him we have the privilege to enter in the presence of the Lord

b. Put in practice the same love that Jesus have

c. Steadfast in the Lord

d. Our God is God that is Faithful

 God through centuries has shown Himself that He is faithful

 God keeps always His promises

 God promised that will bring away how we will approach Him

 Jesus now is our way to Him

 Jesus was the promise of God and has been released now

e. God keeps His promises and our future in Him is insurant

V. Stir up one another in Love and Encourage one another (Heb 10:24-25)

a. As we draw near to God and “stand fast” in hope, we are not alone

b. We have to consider one another and stir one another in Love

c. One of the important thing that we assemble together for having fellowship

d. For “Stir up” in love and bringing glory to God

e. Yes it is true that we come together to Praise God

f. But also to edify to exhort one another (Heb 10:25a)

g. Stay in focus with God

h. Encourage one another to stay focus in the Lord

i. And being strong in Faith and bringing Glory To God.


The writer (s) of Hebrews tells that through the blood of Jesus we are having the confidence to enter in the Most Holy Place. That is because the Blood of Jesus has cleansed us and we are now able to get in the presence of the Most High God.

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