Summary: The Cell Cells are the basic building blocks of all life forms. The cell is also the basic life form of the church. The cell is the Basic Christian Community. The church is formed in cells and is the sum of it. The church is the body of Christ. The

The Cell Vision (Ladder of Success)

The CUCC Mission Statement:

Bringing people closer to God

Meeting their needs

Changing their lives

The CUCC Vision:

To be a model church, flowing in the revival, with strong emphasis on cell group, ministering and teaching the uncompromising Word of God.

The Cell

Cells are the basic building blocks of all life forms. The cell is also the basic life form of the church.

The cell is the Basic Christian Community. The church is formed in cells and is the sum of it.

The church is the body of Christ. The body is made up of cells. Christ is the DNA of the cells. The cell is the church.

Small groups made up of people who meet together at least once a week, focusing on the Word of God and with the purpose of development and growth.

The cells are small centers that teach the Scriptures in a simple and practical manner, and where people who attend are built up.

This cell principle has worked since the early church and the growth of the congregation came through the cells. Acts 6:7; 20:20-21

What was early Christianity like?

It is hard for us to visualize what early Christianity was like. Certainly it was very different from the Christianity known to us today.

There were no fine buildings

There was no hierarchy

There were no Christian colleges

There were no Sunday Schools

There were no choirs

… Only small groups of believers, small fellowships.

Changes in the church when it moved from the home to a building:

The Lord’s supper: changed from symbolic to ritualistic

Leadership style: changed from gifted to professional

Worship: changed from participation to spectator

Witness: changed from relationship to salesmanship

Ministry: changed from personal to social

Fellowship: changed from in-depth to superficial

Use of gifts: changed from edifying to impressing

Stewardship: change from gift of the heart to dues

The Cell Vision (Ladder of Success): Page 2

Why a cell church strategy?

It is Biblical

Allows Exponential Growth

Allows the Holy Spirit to work in Signs and Wonders even in a small group setting.

Allows high mobilization of members for ministry

Allows fast expansion of leadership base by developing leaders in a directed and systematic manner.

Allows value changes to take place in the cell

Allows discipleship in the context of body life

Allows the church to reach out through Community Evangelism

Note: A cell church is not just a church having cells. It is a church where the whole thrust of its life and ministry takes place through the cells.

The Biblical basis for Cell Group Church:

Jesus used a small group strategy – Mark 3:14-15

The early church met in small groups.

Acts 2:46-47

Acts 5:42

Acts 8:1-3

Acts 20:20

Romans 16:3.5

The Cell Vision

We believe in the twin harvest that is about to take place in these last days:

Financial harvest

Harvest of great multitudes of people

Let’s focus on the great harvest of souls.

Jesus said the harvest is great… (Luke 10:2)

Jesus also called His disciples fishers of men. (Matthew 4:18-19)

How are we going to catch or gather the harvest? There are two ways to catch fish:

Through a fishing rod (One by One)

Through nets (Multitudes)

We believe the cell group is the net where in we can reel in the great catch. It is the better way.

By establishing cell groups in the community, we are positioning ourselves for the great harvest.

Jesus also said that the laborers are few. Luke 10:2

We believe that every believer is a leader. Every person the Lord brings to our church is a laborer for His harvest.

During harvest time, every laborer needs to know his or her responsibility if he or she is to take part in this activity. Teamwork should be observed.

This is where the Ladder of Success comes in.

The Ladder of Success

Defined as process whereby success is guaranteed to everyone prepared to consecrate their lives to working with cell groups.

The four steps of the ladder is:

Win – This involves evangelism through the cell, through concerts, through crusades, through church drama plays and those converts on Sunday services.

Consolidate – Consolidation is the care and attention that we should give to every new believer in order to reproduce in him the character of Christ with the aim that he fulfills the purpose of God for his life which is to bear fruit that remain.

Disciple – The equipping of new believers to grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and equip them to become future leaders and disciple-makers. “If you learn something and it changes you, you have made progress. But if you learn something and it changes others, you are changing the world”.

Send – The final stage of the ladder where in the believer is sent into the harvest field to take his place in this tremendous event.

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