Summary: Every year around Easter time, people typically focus/cross.

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

23 March 2014

Gal. 6:11-16

The Centrality of the Cross


• Learn how/make/cross central in our lives

• we can experience/power, peace/mercy

• Comes through a relationship with Christ.

In football, the football determines everything.

• First downs/measured/ball is placed

• Touchdowns/measured/ball crosses/plain

• “Out-of-bounds” tied/your control/ball/relationship/feet

• Fumbles/determined/who grabs the ball.

• Field goals/measured/whether/ball goes through/Up Rights

Men fight over it, rejoice over it, and strive to possess it.

• In other words/football/missing there/no football game

Without/football, everything else/goes/stadium/field/waste/time.

• In football, the football is the main thing.

• In Christianity, the cross is the main thing.


Want/share something incredibly important with you:

• In Christianity, the cross is the main thing.

• What Jesus satisfied and gained at cross/main thing.

Without it

• no power/freedom/forgiveness/authority/strength/victory

• Nothing at all.

• The cross is the main thing.


Every year around Easter time, people typically focus/cross.

• We remember/Christ’s death paid/penalty for our sins.

We meditate on how/reality/cross enables those who believe and trust in Jesus to spend eternity in Heaven.

• However, once Easter passes

• we frequently go back to doing our own thing

• Trying to live our lives without the cross as the central focus.



• Remember Christ and the cross

• Paul wrote to the Galatians in large letters

• He boasted only in the cross of Christ (Galatians 6:14)

• Paul recalled the historical reality of the cross


Make the cross central in your life

• To Paul, the cross was not a decoration or an icon

• it was/centrality of his very existence (see Galatians 2:20)

See, it isn’t enough:

• Gather together/right place each Sunday—the church

• Gather together/right people in our lives—fellow believers.

• There/program/plan/books, seminars

• Worship/personal devotional time on Sunday/thru out week.

All of that is good, and all of that is critical

• All that means nothing without centrality of the main thing—the cross.

• If we leave out the cross

• We are only left/empty shell called religion.


Without/cross, we/left/empty set of rules, laws, requirements, and judgments

An attempt to legislate spirituality without

• Power/intimacy/grace/ability/live spiritually victorious lives.


As a result, believers find themselves in perpetual defeat


• Measuring up--fully overcoming/struggles

• rising above/circumstances---fulfilling/destiny

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