3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: We are to live Godly lifes and continue in the ways that we have been taught from our elders. When is the last time you have been charge to carry the cross, as Paul charged Timothy.

The Charge

2 Timothy 3:12 – 4:5

* Background of Saul/Paul and his letters to the different churches and Timothy.

1. We are to live a Godly life (3:12)

a. Involves a aggressive witness such as that of Paul

2. Continue in what you have learned (3:14)

3. God breathed scriptures (Teaching, Rebuking, Correcting, and Training) (3:16)

a. Teaching

b. Rebuking = conviction of a sinner

c. Correcting = restoration to an upright position or a right state

d. Training = Christians need to be trained in righteousness both “inward” and “outward”

e. The purpose of these four items is to equip Christians for every good work.


a. Preach (4:2)

i. Be prepared in and out of season (Always be ready)

b. Correct, Rebuke, and Encourage with patience and careful in instruction.

i. Don’t condemn, but rebuke and follow it up with teaching and then encourage them to continue on the right path.

c. Be on Guard (4:3)

i. The world will fall away from sound doctrine, to fill the desires that please their ears.

ii. Defend and Proclaim sound doctrine

1. Stand firm in your teachings and training of the world

d. Keep your head and Evangelize (4:5)

i. Keep your self control under all circumstances

ii. Most of all “Announce the Good News and Preach the Gospel”

* Make your Christian service complete and effective

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