Summary: Psalm 60

A Lamentation of the society but at the same time – a Michtam; a golden song.

Jeremiah 31:15 – Lamentation, weeping, bitterness; Rachel weeping for her children

Luke 2:10 – “Do not be afraid; I bring you good news”

Biggest Promise – Genesis 3:15 “The seed of the woman”

Spurgeon – Faith’s Checkbook “Faith is a check that can be cashed”- Daily meditations. Through storms of life; almost like crossing an ocean. Discerned the noise of the tempest and the rage of the waves. Also understood the preciousness of the promises and started writing daily messages. Have not fully gotten them fulfilled”

Not to read but to make it ours. Get the check, endorse, deposit and cash out.

David writes this psalm after killing 12,000 edomites (Joab; 2nd Samuel 8). The Psalm has 3 parts

Fall (1-4); Faith (5-8); Triumph (9-12)

I) Fall (1-4) – Defeat opens the eyes of the believer. 4 imageries used

a. Scattered (1) – ‘God to bring back’

b. Shaken up (2) – In Earthquake. Cracks, Needs repair

c. Drunk (3) – Out of balance

d. Fleeing (4) – Fearful, Escapism – Come back to the banner

II) Faith (5-8) – Fall need not destroy; Problems need not make us disappointed

a. Prayer (5) – Lost; Faith did not lose

b. Response (6-8) – God answers. Foundation of his promise is holiness

i. Shekhem – God’s promise to Abraham

ii. Sukkoth – Fields of Jacob in the valley

iii. Gilead – Covenant of Jacob with Laban

iv. Manasseh – Joseph’s son (Brings forgetfulness)

v. Ephraim – Joseph’s son (Fruitfulness)

vi. Judah – Praise

vii. Moab – ‘Cleaning’ area

viii. Edom – Proud; Exchange of sandals (Ruth 4:7-8)

ix. Philistines – From Abraham to until David. Ultimate victory

III) Triumph (9-12)

a. God is King – David is the Helper

b. Question of fortified city – A word of assurance of victory. Selah (Capital of Edom). Petra in Greek

c. Remembrance of previous defeats and God’s deliverance make us humble.

d. Trample the enemy under our foot – Genesis 3:15

i. John 3:15

ii. Waited 4000 years

Still holding on to promises? – In this Christmas season, Learn from Fall, Have Faith in God, Ultimate Triumph is ours.

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