Summary: The child in you can be the determining factor in life, which can be lead and be misled. In most people the Inner child not only survives but thrives as a bawling, brawling, sprawling character.

1 Corinthians 13:11


Nathan Bernardo of Psychology and Psychiatry States in a February 2015 article

The difficult person is essentially immature. Now, I don't use that word immature in the usual and customary sense. Most people judge maturity according to how much someone conforms to the social and economic order. That is not maturity at all. It could mean the person is the worst of the worst, insensitive and cruel; and, in fact, the social order encourages and even coerces people to behave in such a manner, which is the height of immaturity. So, for our purposes, immaturity is simply behavior coming from someone who only thinks of himself or herself. In other words, they are self-centered, self-absorbed, selfish, uncaring, feel they are better, think you are different, and so on.

Also, use of Emotion Intelligence in the title is not the customary use of that term as used in Psychology. The field of Psychology uses that term to denote the ability to control emotions. I am not talking about that at all. Controlling emotions is another form of psychological disturbance. What I am talking about here in this article is lucidity, to be able to see the illusory nature of thought and pretense and the behaviors that are their result.

I think you will see what I mean by all this in what follows. We will explore various signs that you are dealing with someone who is immature. Seeing it clearly is enough to take direct action, whatever that might be; I am not going to suggest what you should do about it, then you will just follow and not discern. We've had enough following and followers. I am only pointing out facts that will hopefully make it clearer what you are possibly already dealing with or might come across in daily life. Leaving someone or telling them off or whatever action might be taken is totally something that happens in the moment in which you clearly see what is happening.

We Must be committed to the truth when the truth is not popular

At some point and time you were a child, although you may not remember all the details of your childhood, the child and teenager you once were is still important to you today because it continues to exist within you. The hidden child of your past is very much alive and affects everything that you do, for good or for bad.


“Unfortunately, you can not cut yourself off from your own history.”

You are a complex tapestry, woven with a million strands, some of which reach back to Adam and beyond God who created you in his image. But many of the most important threads in this complex design of who you were introduced to in your childhood, especially in the parent-child relationships.

The child in you can be the determining factor in life, which can be lead and be misled. In most people the Inner child not only survives but thrives as a bawling, brawling, sprawling character.

Emotionally Immature Adults:

1. Only Concerned with What They Want Without Consideration of Others

2. They Don't Listen

3. They Don't Care

4. They See Objects Not People

5. They Avoid the Truth

6. They Refuse to Seriously Consider Deeper Matters

He = The Inner Child of Your Past

1. Nosily rushes into activities he likes

2. Interferes with present adult life

3. Hurts and destroys the most meaningful relationships

The Inner Child of Your Past Is:

1. Timid - Lacking Courage

2. Fearful - Full of fear

3. Defeated - When You Walk With a Lack of Control

4. Self-Despising - The Dislike for One self

Look Back

Look Back:

Find out where you are still the inner child of your past to dominate your life

Look Back:

Discover where you need to change, where you need to forgive and be forgiven, where you need to be healed, where you need to daily discipline yourself

Look Back:

That you may be yourself as you really were intended to be-a child of God set free by the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

Now you have just discovered where this inner hidden child is defeating you. You have to break this power and render him broken. You can abrogate his sway so that you will be free to grow up In Christ in every way.

There is the:

Changeable Child - We put on our Casual Selves and Public Selves

Confused Child -

Controlled Child -

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