Summary: God has allowed the tares to grow right next to the Christian, but we need Christians to stand for Jesus Christ and the Bible. Christians need to stop sleeping on the job!

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The Child and The Tare

Matthew 13:24-33

Jesus speaks 2 parables simultaneously seeming to be the same (seeds)

--BUT very different

--1 speaking of the Word and 1 speaking of different people

--We will concentrate on the second, which speaks of people and church

In the world today we have 2 very different peoples

--Christians and Non-Christians

--Normally very distinguished and set apart

--Very different views and goals in life

BUT then we have a third which is the real danger

--The “proclaiming Christian” who does not “know” Christ

--Professing Christ but never knowing Him

--Teaching their own doctrine – not revealed by the Spirit

--Drawing real Christians into a life of “coolness” (lukewarm)

The fact is that all three types are found in the church today

--This parable refers to the church and warns the Christian

--We may want to think the unbeliever or lukewarm is only in the world

--But the church is full of lukewarm people

--We have preachers preaching a lukewarm Gospel

--Watered down to the point that it couldn’t convict anyone

We need more Christians on fire for God and His Word

--We need preachers of “old” who will preach the true Gospel

--People who are not afraid of a job or position

--People who want to spread the convicting Word

--We need more toes stepped on by the preaching of the Word

We live in the world but not part of it

--We are to shun the ways of this world

--Our Home is not in this world; Jesus is preparing it

--If you are even “sipping” the taste of the world you are a partaker (tare)

--Mark 4:18-19 And these are they which are sown among thorns; such as hear the word, And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.

1. The Kingdom of Heaven (V24, 31-33)

God is sowing good seed in this world today

--God can only sow good seed

--God has sown some great seed in the past

--He has blessed this church in the past and is going to continue planting

Notice the “field” is the world

--God is still working in the world and lives today

--God is planting ALL over this world

The Kingdom is ONLY made up of the good seed, which has become fruitful

--It rises, grows, and brings forth fruit --Everything about Heaven is good and blessed

We have a picture of an “Eden” as God plants good seed

--This picture is of the kingdom and all the good fruit

V31,32 Talks of the kingdom again

--The tiniest of seeds grows into a huge, useful, blossoming tree

--Paints a picture of the least among us becoming the greatest in heaven

Also notice this great tree as it grows forth with many branches

--The children can gather round and find rest in His arms

--We can “lodge” in His branches

--Find security in having faith in Him

V33 Speaks of a woman who represents the church

--Notice the “3 measures of meal”

--Different interpretations gives different representations

---3 parts of the earth (Gen 10:32 Noahs sons Shem, Ham, and Japheth)

---or our body soul and spirit

I see the church as it kneads in the 3 persons of the Godhead into it

--God becomes more a part of it

--The church grows in Him

--The church prepares everyday for Jesus coming

--And this represents the kingdom

This is the church Jesus is coming after at the rapture

2. The Men Sleeping (V25-29)

V25 says “while the men slept, His enemy came”

--We got to many Christians today sleeping on the job

--While we have been sleeping the devil has snuck in

--He has been planting and planting heavy

--We have been so busy taking a “nap” we have missed what he is doing

But he never sticks around to show himself

--He lets man take his seed and then nourish and grown it

--And he plants it RIGHT NEXT to the child of God

--He is bold but very cunning and sly

Then the tares show themselves as the wheat shows its “blades

--This could also represent the growing Christian dealing with the tare

Notice the good seed shows fruit, BUT the tare does not

--And yet the good seed doesn’t choke out the tare

--They grow side by side

--The tare cant choke out the good seed either

God gives us the power to overcome anything the devil throws our way

--We must be alert enough to recognize the tares tho

--NEVER follow their ways or teachings

--Embed ourselves in the Word and following Jesus

Christ allows the tare to continue next to us

--This is a way to allow us to grow in Him and His ways

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