Summary: Personal Freedom brings a serious responsibility to make the right decisions in life.


A. The Power to Choose is a wonderful privilege and freedom

1. From the Garden of Eden to the Plains of

Moab, to the Cross of Calvary, choice

has always been God’s way.

2. He did not create us to be mindless

robots/machines under His complete control.

B. His nature is not that of a dictator or policeman

1. Grabbing us by the scruff of the neck,

forcing us to do His will

2. He could if He wished, but that is not His

nature to do so.

3. His way is to stand at the door and knock,

patiently and persistently - Rev.3:20-21

4. Pleading with us to make the right choice.

C. This is the God that Moses presents to the New Generation on the Plains of Moab.

1. Deut.28:1-14 the blessings that God would

bring to their lives if they obeyed

2. Deut.28:15-68 - the curses that would come

upon the nation when they would turn from

worshipping Him to idols.

3. We make our decisions, and then our

decisions make us.

4. We win or lose by what we choose. Choose

wisely and well.


A. We must choose who our real Master is going to be.

1. God of Heaven or god of this world II Cor.4:4

2. Prince of Peace or Prince of the power of the

air Eph.2:2

3. One or the other but not both - Matt.6:24; 12:30

B. The Choice we make will affect our eternal destiny.

1. It will also affect our lifestyle and behavior

right now.

2. Being a Christian is a sacred privilege and

solemn responsibility to live right.

3. Too many Christians want to call Jesus Savior,

but not allow Him to be Lord.

4. The Christian life is a life of service and

submission to Him who died for us.


A. We must choose what we will listen to - men or God

1. Many today like the old sailor who got lost at

sea with a compass in his hand

2. When asked why he didn’t use it, he said, “I

didn’t dare to. I wanted it to go north but

it kept pointing south. Finally, I threw it

overboard. It was useless and worthless!

B. There are people around us who refuse to be guided by God’s compass!

1. Because it won’t say what they want it to

say, they cast it aside.

2. Instead substitute their opinions, feelings,

fads, fashions.

3. Anything rather than accept the truth and

obey it - Psa.119:105

4. When will we ever learn? Trust and obey

there is no other way

5. Decide today to make the Word of God the

standard & rule of faith in your life. Only

the Bible and the Bible only is the standard

for truth - Jn.12:48


A. Many in the religious world believe in faith alone for salvation

1. Yet the only time Alone is used is in

Jas.2:17 “Even so faith, if it hath not

works is dead, being ALONE”

2. A dead faith is not what God wants, and yet

many today have it, both in the Church and


B. The Faith that God is looking for is an Obedient Faith

1. Before and after conversion. The active

obedient faith that we showed in becoming a

Christian needs to continue as we live for

Christ, share our faith, attend worship and

study times etc.

2. Don’t let your faith die - Rev.3:1-6 A dying

church - corpse that needed a spiritual

resurrection. Are you alive and growing in


3. What kind of faith do you have? God is

looking for those who have a working faith

like that of Noah - Heb.11:6; Gal.5:6 works


LORD - then we will grow!


A. Broad road will lead to destruction (Hell)

1. This is where the Rich Man ended up - a

foretaste of it. Lk.16:19-31

2. He made some bad choices, and ended up in the

wrong place.

3. Lazarus made some right choices, and finished

up in Abraham’s bosom

B. Narrow road will lead us to Heaven - John 14:1-2

1. Living for the Lord, dying in the Lord Rev.14:13

2. It makes a difference both now and in the world

to come. Matt.25:41

3. It is the difference between COME and DEPART

4. Choose Heaven today by choosing Christ and His

Church-Head/Body They go together - Col.1:18


1. Moses made his choice. Heb.11:23-29 He lived and died in God’s will (Deut.34)

2. He fought the good fight, finished course, kept faith - so must we, but only if and when we make the right choices that will determine our eternity. The choice is yours -IN CHRIST, or OUTSIDE CHRIST - Faithful to Christ - Unfaithful to Christ. CHOOSE this day whom you will serve - Josh.24:15

3. Christ made HIS choice for you by dying on the cross and shedding his blood for your sins. Make Him YOUR choice today and one day you can see and enter the Promised land.

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