Summary: This series on the book of Revelation was taught on Wednesday evenings.

INTRODUCTION: The theme of the Book of Revelation is not the seven churches, the seven bowls, the seven trumpets, the Beast, the Anti-Christ or the symbolism. The theme is the Revelation of Jesus Christ as victorious King of Kings!!!! The title is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ”. It is not the revelation of John… or Revelations… it is Revelation. There is only one. Revelation- “apokalupsis” is the Greek word meaning, “an uncovering”, “an unveiling” or “a disclosure”. Revelation begins with John, by now an old man, in exile on the small, barren island of Patmos, located in the Aegean Sea southeast of Ephesus. John had once been the pastor of the church at Ephesus. The Roman Emperor, Domitian, had banished him for preaching the gospel. Domitian was the Roman Caesar of his day, a ruler who saw himself as deity, as a god (little g). He would sign his letters as, “The Lord God, Domitian.” No wander he would greatly persecute the early church and those who boldly proclaimed Jesus as the Way, the Truth & the Life. Domitian re-instituted what is known as emperor worship and made participation as the law of the land. If you did not go to the local emperor temple on the first day of the week (Sunday) and proclaim Caesar as “The Lord our God” then you faced death, persecution, banishment, etc. This first Chapter begins the unfolding hope found in having Christ as “Our Lord and our God.”


I. The Voice.

II. The Vision.

III. The Visit.

CONCLUSION: Though many are hesitant in studying the book of Revelation it is the only book of the Bible that promises a blessing to the reader. In the midst of the trees do not miss the beauty of the forest… Jesus is Victorious and He is our hope for a better future!

Disclaimer: Sermons shared on this site have come from the author's personal sermon notes. Entries into the notebook have been from the author's personal study and various sources may have been considered. Where sources have been used the author tries to credit those sources. If any sources are not mentioned it is non-intentional. The author publishes on this site without compensation with the hope that sermons might be used as desired by others.

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