Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Sermon that ask the question: Can a thinking person believe in Christ. Part 1 of 2

Thinking Faith and the Christ Question

Luke 24: 25-27

Golf Story (Master Tournament)

Great concern with God is what we believe about Christ.

When you stand before God He will ask you 1 question, what did you do about my son Christ?

Jesus is the problem. The point of offense.

Bible says Jesus is the stumbling stone.

Great controversy in the world today about Christ.

*** Swarthmore college ; diploma debate

*** BC / AD verses BCE / CE

Sounds like agenda against Christ!!!!

It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or the bible.

Issue is what you believe about Christ.

Can you believe in Christ???

Jesus said he was God

Said; I and the Father are one, if you’ve seen me you have sent he Father.

John 8, Abraham rejoiced to see my day

Before Abraham was, I AM.

Pharisees P/U stones to stone him to death, WHY? He was declaring himself to be God.

Moses in the burning bush: God said; I am that I am

I am became the designation for God

Every time Jesus said I am he was proclaiming to be God.

Some reasons why thinking people should believe in Christ.

1. Prophesies fulfilled

In OT over 300 prophesies about the coming of the messiah.

They contain 456 specific predictions about Christ.

Jesus fulfilled them all.

Isaiah 7 conceived of a virgin Matt.1

Micah 5 Born in Bethlehem Luke 2

Gen 12 descendent of Abraham Matt 1

Gen 21 Descendent of Isaac Heb 11

Psalm 132 Line of David Matt 1

Malachi 3 cleanse the temple Matt 21

Psalm 118 Rejected by jews 1 Peter 2

Zachariah 11 betrayed for 30 pieces of silver Matt 27

Malachi 3 preceded by a messenger Matt 3

Isaiah 53 cruicified with thieves Luke 23

Zachariah 12 Side would be pierced John 19

Isaiah 53 buried in tomb of a wealthy man Matt 27

Psalm 22 cast lots for his garments John 19

Isaiah 53 silent before his accusers Matt 27

Psalm 41 betrayed by his disciples Matt 26

Zachariah 11 money used to betray would be returned Matt 27

Psalm 69 offer him vinegar and gall Matt 27

Psalm 34 no bones be broken John 19

Amos 8 Darkenss fall on him at crucixtion Matt 27

We could go on and on and on.

2. Miracles He performed

Jesus said the miracles he performed was evidence he was who he said he was.

Read John 10 vs 37

Read John 14 vs 11-12

John Baptist doubted an ask “are you the messiah or are we looking for someone else”

Jesus answered: tell John the dead are raised to life, the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear. The miracles prove I am who I say I am.

3. The Effect he has on everyones life.

No one else in History has had the impact Jesus has had on peoples lives.

Many others tried but none is like Christ

Socrates: do good for humanity, had many followers.

His teaching shave been forgotten in large part

The teachings of Christ go on and on WHY?

Socrates wasn’t found to be God, Jesus was.

Epics of time; no matter if BC/AD or BCE/ CE history is still divided at the birth of Christ.

You are here today WHY?

Because He is who he says he is and you know it!!!!


He is who he said he is

Did what he said he would do

God who became man

Died on cross for you and me

That’s what it means

1 last logical conclusion:

If thinking person, weight the evidence

Maybe I haven’t convinced you

If Christ is who he said he was

If Christ did what he said he did


Forgive you of your sins

Guarantee you eternal life

Assure you of heaven

Bring you to a relationship with God

Change your heart

Give you a new heart, new start, new life, new beginning.

He is who he says he is

Did what he said he did

Can still do what he says he can do.


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