Summary: The physical birth certificate compared to the spiritual birth certificate.


A) The birth certificate is a very important document for every person!

* It’s needed for many different events in each person’s life. * For instance …….

* Usually it is needed for employment purposes or for enrollment into colleges or universities.

* It may be needed for induction into military service as well as other events.

* There are certain privileges and responsibilities that each person inherits with the birth certificate.

B) I want to talk to you tonight about the Christian birth certificate!

* It is very similar to the physical birth certificate.

* I want to bring to your attention to five aspects of the Christian birth certificate.

* As I speak, examine yours and see if it is authentic.

(1) IT IS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD! * Everyone can see it … It can’t be hidden!

A) In fact, Christianity can’t be hidden! * Listen to what Jesus said in Matt. 5:14-16 “Ye are …”

* When you got saved, a light began shining in you that will shine eternally.

* Believers are lights in a dark world, emitting the light we derive from Jesus, the Light of all

creation … Illustration: The moon has no light within itself … It reflects light from the sun.

B) You can cover the light up, but sooner or later it will shine through!

* Matt. 5:15 “… bushel …” * I wonder about these people who go around with a box over their

light all the time … You either let your light shine or you don’t have a light!

C) A person can go to any county court house in SC and look up the record of any birth in

that county that he might desire … It’s on public record!

* If we had access to the Lamb’s Book of Life, you could go to it and turn to the “D’s.”

* And there you would find my name, Bo Dunford, born into the family of God Feb. 26, 1978.

D) Let me ask you … Is your spiritual birth a matter of public record?

* Can people see it? * Is your name in the Lamb’s Book of Life?

* When a person does as our text states (as many as received Him), his name is written down in

the Lamb’s Book of Life, and he is saved.

* Not only is our Christian birth certificate a matter of public record … But also …….

(2) IT SHOWS THE PLACE OF BIRTH! * Mine says that I was born in Spartanburg.

A) The Christian’s birth place is Calvary’s cross! * “To them GAVE he power …”

* The word “gave” is past tense. * Where did He give this power?

* On top of Mount Calvary … There is Golgotha’s maternity ward … There’s where I was born!

* My birth took place as Jesus suffered the pain of death. * Gal. 2:20 “I am crucified …”

B) When He was crucified, you and I were also crucified!

* Our sins were atoned for that day … The guilt was erased and the sin debt was paid!

* Our conception became full grown and was now time to be delivered.

C) Christianity’s birth place is at the cross of Calvary … That’s our maternity ward!

* That’s our birth place … Let me ask you, have you been there?

* If your spiritual life has any other beginning other than Golgotha, then you have never been

spiritually born. * There’s something else on the Christian birth certificate …….

(3) IT SHOWS WHO THE FATHER IS! * Look at v.13 “… not of blood, nor of the …”

A) The word “born” means “begotten.” * “Not of blood,” which is the element of physical life.

* “Nor of the will of the flesh,” or from the natural or human impulse or design.

* “Nor of the will of man,” * The Greek word suggests human determination. * “But of God …”

* Human generation has nothing to do with regeneration … Salvation is of the Lord.

B) The spiritual birth is 100% from God … Not of man, works, or personal sacrifice!

* And you can’t save yourself! * There’s a false teaching going around, “God is Father of all.”

* God is creator of all, but He’s not Father of all.

* A group of Jews confronted Jesus with this issue in John 8:41-44 and He told them in v.44, “Ye

are of your father the devil …”

C) God spoke to the Christian in 2 Cor. 6:17-18 “Wherefore come out from …”

* If you’ve been saved, then you have the name of your Father, God, stamped upon your

certificate of new birth … You know who your Father is!

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