Introductory Paragraph:

One of the major news stories of the year...Princess magazines reviewing her life...eulogy Almost unnoticed went the death of Mother I listened to the story of her life, I gained an even greater appreciation for who she was & the work God did through her. Just as one gains a greater appreciation for great people when they hear their accomplishments & sacrifices reviewed, same true of salvation. {Broad perspective}

Textual Paragraph:

Paul = writing a church anticipating persecution... encouraging them to remain faithful to the Lord -& in so doing,-Paul gave the THESSALONIANS a neat summary of the Christian life. {Scripture Reading}

Relational Paragraph:

What is the Christian Life? What exactly does the term mean? 9/10 would say "trusting in Christ." Yet defining the Christian life as having trusted in Christ is like defining love as a personal attraction. The Christian life is much broader than simply the initial conversion experience. THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IS A UNIQUE DIVINE-HUMAN ENDEAVOR.



Your salvation began in mind of God before there ever was a world...difficult doctrine...we don’t like it because we don’t fully understand it.

Soren Kierkegaard - "It is the duty of the human understanding to understand that there are things which it cannot understand."

The average Christian’s concept of God = blasphame

Jesus put it very plainly(JOHN 6:44) If the doctrine of election frightens you, let me assure you this: There is no one who wants to be saved who cannot be saved! Your desire = result of God’s choosing... and...God doesn’t choose us based on foreknowing our reactions!{Isn’t ordaining, that is reacting!}

Now from our prospective we were confronted with gospel and accepted. But from a Biblical perspective your salvation was God’s sovereign work...

How do I know if I’m elect?

Answer =(vs 13) "Faith in the truth"

[TR] Leads to 2nd facet...


Note the vs. begins-"so then" = consequence in other words...The Christian isn’t called to stand still, he or she is called to climb.

Barclay - "The Christian is called not only to the greatest privilege in the world but also the greatest task in the world"

Salvation is much broader than being saved


Profession w/o growth or conviction of sin = misundertood gospel...The human side of that same process is "faith in the truth," says the apostle.

Somewhere along the line a choice of the will must be made. You cannot come to Christ by merely sitting in church.{Don’t become a car by sitting in garage} You must believe that what God has said applies to you; that what He says he will do he is prepared to do. When you believe the truth, you are also invaded by the Spirit.

[TR]This leads to the 3rd facet...


God doesn’t save you and then leave you. he gives you continued enablement through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit. (vs 13) Theologians debate whether this should be translated with a capital S, the Spirit, referring to Holy Spirit, or a small s, referring to human spirit. But it does not make any difference for when you come to Christ your human spirit is invaded by the Holy Spirit. This is the act which the Bible calls "regeneration," being born again, a new beginning.

Sanctification is the process of Holy Spirit making believer more and more like God. SHOULD BE NORMAL TO PROGRESS...Why do are we often frustrated in our Christian growth?

ANSWER: Trying to respond to God’s will without calling upon the divine enablement of the Holy Spirit within us. "through sanctification by the Spirit."

2 activities, are possible. They could "stand fast" and they could "hold fast." Stand fast; "Do not give in under pressure," and Hold fast; "do not give up the truth."


Conforming us to Christ’s image for heaven. "that" begins a purpose clause. The purpose? That we "gain the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ" Good works on Earth (vss. 16-17) [TR]When we back up and look at the Christian life as a whole, we see that...

Reproduction Paragraph: ...the Christian life is a unique divine-human endeavor...begins with God’s actuated with Our Response... continues through Divine Enablement

Application Paragraph:So what does this mean for you and me? Examine yourself!

1. Do you remember when God called you by revealing Christ to you?

2. or is God doing that now?

3. Do you see continued evidence of God’s work in your life?

4. Are you utilizing the power of the Spirit within you?

5. Are you progressing toward the glory of Christ?

Invitation: Now that you’ve seen a picture of the Christian life. How well are the pieces of your puzzle fitting together?

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