Summary: Our Christian Tree is on a hill in a city called Jerusalem, in the nation of Israel. Its not much to look at. Its made of wood and isnt even finished or sanded smooth. Its really rugged looking. I see gifts under it. Lets investigate!

The Christian Tree

In a few days it will be Christmas and a lot of us are going to be around friends and relatives who we see only at this time of the year. Many of those people will be unsaved and because of the season, they will be more receptive to spiritual things than they would at other times of the year. Its a good opportunity to share with one or more of them what Jesus has done in our life.

After all, this could be the last chance we have. The Rapture could happen anytime. Some of those people are just waiting for some one to come up to give them a hug and say, "Everythings going to be OK. I love you but there is Someone loves you very much...His name is Jesus. Do you know Him?"

So, as families gather this Christmas they will be standing around Christmas trees admiring the decorations and the gifts below.

Were all family here. Were the family of God and though most of us have Christmas trees in our home, what we are really celebrating is our "Christian Tree".

Lets think about our tree. Its on a hill a city called Jerusalem in the nation of Israel. Its not much to look at. Its made of wood and isnt even finished or sanded smooth. Its really rugged looking. Its not much of a tree because it only has two branches. One on the left, and one on the right. Its not something most people would have in their home as it just isnt very appealing. Some people are even offended by it. To them it just stands there on that hill for what seems forever.

A lot of people shy away from it. But for those who are really curious you can see more than an old tree. From a distance you cant see them but, as you get closer to the tree you notice there are some decorations or ornaments on it.

Theyre very simple. There are two nails driven in at the end of each branch. One there.

Two nails down at the bottom.

Then there seems to be something hanging from the top. I can see points, it must be a it looks like a crown. But there are sharp-pointed thorns all around it.

This tree seems to be void of all color. All except one, red

Its covered from top to bottom with has even trickled down the tree to form a pool at the bottom. Its there at the bottom of the tree we can see some gifts. Lets open them and see what they are. I think I see one with your name on it.

We open it up and we see its something you always needed....something to wear...maybe a coat, or a its a robe. The word "Righteousness" is embroidered in gold thread down each sleeve. And in various places on the robe are words like, "Justified", "Sanctified", "Holy", "Pure" and "Redeemed". Lets look at the tag to see where it was made. It says, "Made in Heaven From the Foundations of the World". Heres something added, "One Size Fits All!".

There are many more gifts at the foot of the tree Lets cheat a little bit and shake them like we used to do when we were kids. (Okay, I still do it.) But I can tell whats in the next gift...its A Word Of Wisdom. Then another is the Word Of Knowledge.. .Theres one that I would like to see working. its the gift of Miracles....and theres another one, its the Gift of Healing.

You know, this is fun. Why would anyone say that gifts were only for a short time? People say gifts were given on the Day of Pentecost so people would come to the Lord and then they ended. Doesnt the Lord still want people to come to Him? Im grateful we found this tree and the gifts still there.

Some of the gifts dont have names on them. They just say, "To Whom Ever Will Receive"

The first one says, "Baptism in the Holy Spirit" and the next one says "A Prayer Language".

You know, I can even see a bowl of fruit under this tree. Each fruit has a label on it. And Ill bet theres not a Chiquita Banana in the bunch.

The first fruit we see is as big as a watermelon and is labeled very simply, "Love". Then theres one called Joy. Another called Peace. Then theres Patience, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, and Temperance.

You know, instead of eating them one at a time, lets make a fruit salad so we can enjoy them all at once. I just feel thats the way they were intended.

Well, weve opened our gifts and eaten the fruit. Weve celebrated Christmas around a Christian tree which stands long after Christmas is over. The price of this tree must have been very high but we dont have to replace it every year. The manufacturer guarantees it for eternity.

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