Summary: What Christians are suppose to stand for in the morden world.

I. Taking our stand according to the Scriptures

{I Corinthians 15: 1-2}

A. As Christians, we constantly battle or fight against {Ephesians 6: 10-18}

1. Powerful evil forces led by Lucifer, who is a vicious fighter {I Peter 5:8-11}

2. He attacks the sick, young and straggling

3. He chooses those that are alone and not alert {The Football Story}

4. We need to be aware of Lucifer’s position, activities, and tricks

5. We must understand we need someone stronger than us to fight this enemy

B. God is the only powerful supernatural force available to help us fight against Lucifer

1. The Word of God (Jesus, the Christ) and the Holy Spirit of God

a. Our duel weapons to fight against Lucifer

b. Accepting and believing according to the Scriptures

(1) Accepting means

(a) What God said is what God means

(2) Believing means

(a) Expecting God to do what He said He would do

c. Shows and helps us ask according to the Scriptures

(1) When we ask

(a) We ask according to the Scriptures

(b) We believe according to the Scriptures

(c) We live according to the Scriptures

II. Jesus shows us {I Corinthians 15: 3-8}

A. That we can live according to the Scriptures

1. Because He lived according to the Scriptures

{Isaiah 53: 1-3; I Peter 2: 21-23}

2. Because He died according to the Scriptures

{Isaiah 53: 4-9; I Peter 2:24}

3. Because He rose according to the Scriptures

{Isaiah 53: 10-11}

4. Because He forgives according to the Scriptures

{Isaiah 53: 11-12: I Peter 2:25}

III. The Holy Spirit of God helps us

A. Be all we can be according to the Scriptures

1. To be humble {II Chronicles 7:14}

a. Understanding how God see us

(1) Saved

(2) Unsaved

(3) There is no in between

b. Understanding our need of His Spirit to help us do His will

2. To work for God {II Corinthians 11: 23-33}

a. If you can perceive it, you can achieve it as long as it is within the will of God!

b. If God says to do it, ain’t nothing to it but to do it!

3. To believe God will help us

a. With our attitude {Philippians 2: 5-8}

b. With our praise and testimony {Philippians 2: 9-11}

c. With our service {Philippians 2: 12-16}

{Conclusion} What A Friend We Have In Jesus

God made the promise to Abraham and He intends to keep His promise. We, the saved children of God, are the result of that promise. However, our salvation is not the end of our journey. We are saved for a purpose. This purpose is to seek and save that which is lost. This is our stand because we stand according to the Holy Scriptures of God.

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