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Summary: Why Did God To Visit Us?

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The Christmas Annunciation

I-The Christmas Story Begins With Zacharias And Elizabeth

A-The Miraculous Birth Of One Who Would Herald The Coming Of Messiah

B-The Last Prophesy Given In The Old Testament

-Malachi 3:1a; 4:4-5

II-The Ministry Of Elijah

-Getting The Attention Of The People Back To The Lord, So That It Would Make A Way For Him To Come Into Their Lives

III-John The Baptists Birth Was Miraculous

A-Elizabeth Was Past The Child Bearing Age

B-Her Womb Was Brought Back To Life

IV-The Annunciation God Makes To Us Today

A- ”Its Never To Late For The Fruitfulness Of God To Happen Through You!!”

B- Age Is Not The Issue

C- God Wants To Visit You And Cause Life To Happen In And Through You

Conclusion: Zacharias’ Tongue Is Loosed

A-He Begins To Praise

B-He Begins To Prophecy

-God Visits Us To Become Our Savior (67-70)

-He Comes To Overcome Darkness, Fear, The Enemy And To Give Victory (71-74)

-He Restores Us And Enables Us To Live Holy Lives (75)

-We’ve Been Given The Privilege Of Partnership With God In Bearing Good News (76-78)

-His Visit Scatters Darkness, And We Can Know God’s Peace In Our Lives And Homes (79)

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