Summary: Chapter 2 teaches us that we should properly “worship” the one from whom the message comes.


I TIMOTHY 2:1-15

Introduction: In Chapter 1 we learned that we should focus on the message. The message is about Jesus. Chapter 2 teaches us that we should properly “worship” the one from whom the message comes. Let me remind you that worship is not about the audience but about the Almighty. Worship is not so much about us but about Him. It’s not for us but for him. You can argue all you want about style, performance, music and length, but the bottom line is that worship is encountering, experiencing, enjoying and exalting God. Adults, romping around in their self-made playpens thinking worship is about them, carry on most worship wars. What did Paul have to say about worship?

I. The Priority of Prayer (1-7)

Prayer should be our first resolve not our last resort. Worship comes first, and in worship prayer comes first.

A. Note Paul’s Request (1) Note the words “request.” “prayers,” “intercession,” “thanksgiving.” Paul urges all believers to pray. In verse 1 he says, “I urge, then, first of all.” That means first in importance; the most important thing. How do we combat errors, heresies, etc…such as was going on then and now? First of all you do so on your knees. You must first talk to God about men before you can talk to men about God.

B. Note Paul’s Reasoning (2) Do a careful study of the words “peaceful,” “quest,” “godliness” and “holiness.” We must pray about disharmony on the inside and any obstacles on the outside.

C. Note Paul’s Reflection (3-7) Prayer is good for those praying and the ones being prayed for. Nothing frightens Satan anymore than a praying church.

II. The Participation of People (8-15)

There were people in the church who loved controversy and promoted strife. Some were doctrinally confused. Consider:

A. Paul’s Address to Men (8) “Holy hand” has more to do with attitude than posture.

B. Paul’s Address to Women (9-15) He teaches on how to dress and “what to discern.” Dress modestly. Use some common sense. Be sensible. There’s nothing wrong with fashion but don’t be a show-off.


In verses 11-15 Paul, in no way, is demeaning women. What he is saying is that women should have a teachable spirit (which is true for all of us), and should understand her role as God prescribed. “It is more likely that Paul was banning disruptive behavior rather than enforcing complete silence on women in worship settings…the normative principle is that a woman should not carry out the role of a senior pastor. This does not amount to a prohibition against a woman teaching or against her ministry to men.” Thomas Lea (Nac)

Conclusion: Let’s all make it our aim to worship the one who is worthy – Jesus is his name.

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