Summary: Our purpose as a body of believers is not missions. As John Piper said our purpose is worship. We are commanded to make disciples by Jesus. Disciplees should be followers, learners, worshippers.

Intro: There is a call for a moral revival and change in congress and the white house that people believe would turn the nation of the United States around. Don’t get me wrong please I believe we are to be Salt and light. Salt slows down the decay of things and light reveals things. As followers of Jesus Christ we are called to be salt and light. But it is not our involvement in this society that will keep it from dying. We as Holy Spirit filled believers are to reveal peoples need for Jesus and if we are living out our faith slow the downward spiral of a totally immoral Godless culture.

We have talked a lot about healing and getting our family of faith together. But I want to share some of the words of Jesus with you this morning. I believe with all my heart that unless we are doing as God commands we may be comfortable but we will not be complete.

Why did Jesus come? Luke 19.10 “I came to seek and save that which was lost.” Mark 10.45 Jesus came to serve, John10.10 So that we might have eternal life, Matthew 11.27 to reveal the Father, 1 Peter 2.21, Matthew 11.29 He came to give us a pattern and example of how to live Godly, 1 John 3.8, Hebrews 2.14 He came to destroy the works of the devil.

It is all too easy to stay focused on ourselves and miss the fact that our lives are to be surrendered and sacrificed to Jesus. In fact Hebrews 10:24, 25 tell us to stir each other up to love and good deeds. So why does Immanuel exist? Are we merely here for each other or is there more to us. We exist so that God can live among us and teach us as His bride to love Him and love each other. As His body he teaches us to love those outside of our family of faith.

So what should we do as a family of faith? First our relationship with Jesus must be the focus, individually then corporately. We also need to remember that Jesus gave us a mission. (Read Matthew 28:19-20, Acts 1:8. How do we do this?

John Piper, ““Missions is not the ultimate goal of the church. Worship is. Missions exist because worship doesn't.”

So what we have in Matthew is a command to make disciples. A disciple is not someone who merely says they love Jesus. Jesus made it clear in this passage to teach them to obey all things. When we are baptized by the Spirit of God into the New Covenant we are placing our lives under the authority of Jesus the King. The goal of Immanuel is to be involved and invested in what moves the heart of God. Introducing people to Jesus and instructing them how to follow Him! Life change is God’s goal. God is glorified when we surrender everything to Him and become trophies of grace. A disciple is a person who has given Jesus the keys to his heart and life. Jesus calls for disciples!! A disciple is a learning, follower, doer of God’s word!

So how do we make disciples? It is given to us in the text by three participles

I. Live a life of trusting and following Jesus (Go, as you are going)

Albert Schweitzer, “The way you get to know Jesus is by following Him.”

The Greek of this text it assumes that you will go to those without Christ. It could be translated like this, “when you have gone, make disciples.”

It seems clear to me that this calls for initiative and urgency for the Kingdom of God.

It also calls for obedience and ingenuity. Obedience is expected by Jesus because he commanded us to make disciples. He wants us to be intimately involved in developing people that will hear and heed what Jesus says in their lives. What do you think is the biggest reason discipleship is not happening in churches across America and the world today? Because only those that faithfully follow Jesus, or those that hear his voice and obey His commands are able to reproduce after their kind. A rabbit will never reproduce a hound dog. A person that does not follow Jesus will never reproduce a follower of Jesus.

So how do we live a life of faith and following Jesus?

Proverbs 3:5-6

We learn to trust what God has said not what we see. Tell about peace God gave me when Tina was in the Hospital. What will trusting what God says do in your life and lifestyle?

It will lead to a faith that is practical it will impact you daily decisions and interactions with people. What seemed to you like a chance meeting was a divine appointment set up by God. The thought in your head to write a note or call someone was God impressing you to live what you believe. Jesus has given us a command to make disciples as part of your daily lifestyle are you following Him?

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