People who live Godly lives will suffer persecution, and where the gifts of the Spirit of God are in operation, the dirty old devil will stir up trouble. The gifts in operation in Acts chapters 12 and 13 were the gifts of power: the gift of faith and the gift of working of miracles. The gift of working of miracles occurs when God does something through you. The gift of faith happens when God does something for you. Acts 12:1-4


A. In chapter 12 the gift of faith was manifested when an angel rescued Peter. A. Acts 12:6,7

1) An angel walked through doors and walls like Jesus did to reach His disciples.

2) The chains fell off of Peter. There was no breaking, no noise, nor key.

B. The iron gate opened of itself, and Peter walked free into the streets of Jerusalem. Acts 12:10

C. Finally realizing that God had set him free, Peter shared the news with other believers before he left the city. Acts 12:11,12

1) Peter came to the home of Mary, the mother of John.

2) The whole Church rejoiced.


A. God called two men to a special work and used them to manifest a miracle. Acts 13:1,2

B. Directed by the Holy Spirit, the men preached the Word of God to the Jews at Salamis. Acts 13:5

C. On the island of Cyprus a false prophet named Bar-jesus tried to hinder the work. Acts 13:6-8

D. Paul commanded him to go blind because of his wickedness in turning people away from God. Acts 13:9-11

This performance of the gift of working of miracles was a sign to the unbelievers. It proved that the God Paul served was mightier than the sorcery of Bar-jesus.

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