Summary: The Fourth And Final Message In The Series "The Purpose Of The Church."




Part 1 - To Make Disciples And Mature Believers

(a) Through The Church’s Message (1:1-20)

(b) Through The Church’s Worship (2:1-15)

(c) Through The Church’s Leaders (3:-16)

Part 2 - To Maintain Truth And Multiply Ministries

(a) Through The Church’s Doctrine (4:1-16)

(b) Through The Church’s Members (5:1-6:2)

(c) Through The Church’s Priorities (6:3-21)

Part 3 - To Be A Living Example That The World May See God

(a) Through The Church’s Faith (II 1:1-6,13-18,2:1-13)

(b) Through The Church’s Boldness (II 1:7, 10-12)

(c) Through The Church’s Holiness (II 1:8-9, 2:14-26)

Part 4 - To Be A Unified Body That Will Persevere Until His Return

(II Timothy 3:1-4:22)

(a) Through The Church’s Unity Against Cultural Christianity (II 3:1-9)

1. Those Who Profess Christ But Deny Him Consistently With Their Life


2. Those Who Have A Form Of Godliness, But Deny It’s Very Power (3:5)

3. Those Who Worm Their Way In To Be Divisive (3:6-9)


(b) Through The Church’s Commitment To Live By Scriptures (II 3:14-4:5)

1. Understanding That The God Breathed Word Is Not Debatable (3:14-16a)

2. Understanding The Importance Of The Word’s Ability To Equip Believers (3:16b-4:2)

3. Understanding The Christian Culture Will Fall Away From The Scripture (4:3-4:5)


(c) Through The Church’s Faithfulness Despite Persecution

(II 3:10-13, 4:6-22)

1. Being Prepared For Persecution From Others - Possibly Even Government (3:10-13)

2. Being Prepared That People You Are Close To May Leave The Faith


3. Being Assured That The Lord Will Stand By Our Side(4:16-18)

4. Being Assured That Other Believers Will Be By Our Side (4:10-13, 19-22)

*Note - Cyescens, Titus, Luke, Mark, Timothy All Strengthened Paul

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