Summary: Jesus said that the gates of hell would not prevail against his church but where are the Gate Shakers today?

"We need some gateshakers"

Luke 4:44 – 5:11

Want to describe this situation to you if I may. Jesus has been preaching in the synagogue to the religious people of his day, this would be the modern day church, and afterwards the people pressed upon him. Now I don’t know what the message was that day in the church or even afterwards while he was standing by Lake Gennesaret. Can’t tell you what he was wearing or how many people were there or anything else BUT I CAN TELLYOU THIS, THERE WAS A DIVINE APPOINTMENT FOR THE MAN CALLED SIMON!

Isn’t it wonderful that the Lord Jesus Christ would have gone to such a measure to keep a DIVINE APPOINTMENT with a simple common man? That’s just what he did though! He could have stayed in the synagogue or even just preached out in the streets but Jesus knew that there was a life that had an appointment with him.

To consider Simon this morning means that we have to see that HE WASN’T in the synagogue that morning now was he? No he had fished all night with his partners and was in the process of washing his nets to preserve them, even though he hadn’t caught anything.

(1) Don’t know what the message was but it makes me wonder because Jesus always preached against sin and against religion

(2) I wonder what Simon thought as he listened?

May not know what he thought, but we do know this HE RECOGNIZED JESUS AS BEING SOMEONE WHO HAD A REAL FAITH! I can’t even begin to tell you what may have been preached that day on the shore of Lake Gennesaret but I can tell you this, Simon heard all that was said and had respect for the person the message came from. Why else would he have launched out into the deep?

They’ve worked all night and have caught nothing but Simon still heard the word of Jesus and said I WILL. Outside the walls of this church, there are men watching everything and listening to everything that we’re doing. If there is one thing that I’m aware of in my spiritual life right now, it is the fact that my life is making a difference in some people’s eternal destiny. Since my DIVINE APPOINTMENT with Christ Jesus on September 10, 1995 when I was born again though the power of the Holy Spirit, my life and my witness have made an impact on the kingdom of heaven by seeing some born into the family of God through my obedience but the thing I’m talking about right now is the sin in the life of the church that hinders us from reaching those like Simon. Those who are watching and listening and paying attention, we may not even know that they’re paying attention but they are.

Problem is that the heart isn’t right! We can say it’s something else but that doesn’t change the truth. We can say it’s because the preacher just isn’t aware of my needs so that’s why I do what I do and won’t support the church and it’s mission. The truth is that you’re heart isn’t right. You can withstand and strive with and sit back and wait saying any manner of lie you want to, the truth of the matter is that the heart isn’t right. Now you listen to me today because I’m trying to help this church and help you in your own personal life’s walk with the Lord Jesus Christ.

(1) I’ve never done anything but try to help you

(2) I’ve never done anything but support you if you’re in leadership

(3) My family has never done anything but try to help this little church Jesus seems to love so much

Simon was looking and listening and taking everything to heart of the message of Jesus that day on the shore of Lake Gennesaret. When he was asked to let out into the deep and do a little more fishing, HE KNEW THAT IT WAS THE WRONG TIME OF THE DAY TO BE FISHING AND HE MAY HAVE EVEN KNOWN JESUS WASN’T A FISHERMAN BUT A CARPENTER! But because of the truth of life of Jesus and the truth he witnessed in his character standing up to the Pharisees and the Sadduccees, he let out into the deep at the WORD of the MASTER. Now look with me at the heart of the story because it’s not found in the size of the crowd nor in the location of the synagogue nor even in the message spoken that day but in the DIVINE APPOINTMENT SIMON HAD WITH THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. When the net’s were so full with fish that the boats began to sink, SIMON PETER FELL AT THE FEET OF JESUS AND SAID LEAVE ME ALONE JESUS FOR I AM A SINFUL MAN!

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