Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: As a Church, are we marching as the army did in Ezekiel to it’s defeat, or are we on fire for God?


Ezekiel 37:1-10

Many times this very scripture has many times touched my life. I have thought."Wow" God can do that? As the prophet spoke dead bones began to move, become clothed with new flesh, and then with the breath of God they stand up and become a great and mighty army again. As many times as this is preached there is one important point that is often missed. It is the word again. Yes they became a great and mighty army again.You see at one time an army marched down the road to that very battle, only to be defeated. I sure they were strong and powerful. It reminds me of the many times I have seen the Church being blessed by souls coming to know the Lord. I have seen hearts coming together in one mind and in one accord. And yes the Holy Ghost would fall. We were a great and might army marching. Then I have seen the devil get in the midst and cause all kinds of confusion. Some marched to that dry valley only to be destroyed. As much as God wants to bless us, the devil wants to destroy us. He will try any way he can to hinder or stop you and me from receiving from the Lord.

Are you on the road to victory or the road to defeat. I believe that we should take inventory of our lives. We need to quit looking at everyone else and turn the mirror on ourselves. I have always said "It’s hard to throw rocks when you live in a glass house!"

Are you on fire for God? Is your Church on fire with revival? Or are we marching down a very wrong road? Another saying that is often heard is " If everyone in this Church was just like me, what kind of a Church would this Church be?

Here are some of the things that might lead us to what I call "The Church of the Dead Bones"

1-It is not spiritual!

2-It is selfish!

3-It doesn’t pray!

4-It doesn’t study God’s word!

5-It doesn’t clothe or feed the needy!

6-It doesn’t support the Church with tithes and in offerings!

7-It doesn’t support the Church with regular attendence!

7-It has it’s trouble-makers!

8-It doesn’t visit!

9-But most of all it wants to be in charge!

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