Summary: A review of Paul's challenge to the church regarding its purpose and the importance of pressing forward to serve Christ by serving others.

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LOVE LETTER WRITTEN TO A CHURCH encouraging them of their purpose.

Q: What is the Purpose of the Church?

Q: What is Your Purpose to the Church?



1. ‘not that I have already obtained all this’ (3.12)

‘this’ goes back to vs. 10 – HAVE SOMEONE READ VERSE 10

Vs. 10 gives 4 Parts in this phrase: “obtain all this”:

1. “I Want to Know Christ”

‘know’ –GRK used same word in 3.8 – READ – Php 3.8

Q: so what would ‘know Christ’ in vs. 10 mean? – Response

- Refers to more than “personal knowledge” of something or someone.

- Grk. word used for “knowing” here speaks of a personal, experiential, and progressive knowledge based on ones experience. The Judaizers might have their rituals and rules, but Paul had a personal relationship with Christ Jesus

2. “I want to know – the ‘power of his resurrection’”

The same Spirit that brought Jesus back from the dead is available to ALL believers.

What is His Purpose? (hint) -- twofold:

1) To raise from ‘spiritual death now’ – READ - Eph 1:13-14; 1:19-20

2) To raise from ‘physical death in the future’ – READ – Rom. 8:11

Paul says ‘I want to know that power that grants me spiritual newness of life (NOW) .AND. eternal life in the (FUTURE)!’

3. “fellowship of sharing in his sufferings”

To learn what it means to suffer with him and for him. (is he talking about the hardships of life? NO – 1.29 – to suffer FOR the gospel. (where was Paul? Why?)

Q: How do we suffer for the gospel? DO WE?

4. “becoming like Him in his death”

Believers share his death as they die to sin and to self being daily transformed to become like Christ.

Paul says “Not that I have already obtained all this” … .OR.

2. ‘have already been made perfect’ (3.12)

Q: Discussion on the ‘perfection’ talking about? RESPONSE

Obviously not a ‘worldy perfection’ – but a “spiritual perfection”.

Paul says he has not achieved this perfection.

READ – Php 3.4-6

In all Paul lays out, do you notice something missing? HIS HEART

READ – Php 3.7-9

Discuss. None of what he had achieved was wrong (God desires we pursue excellence)

…spoke of good values including family, community, and even God. (everything but the heart)

- What used to be success and riches became rubbish.

- Went from riches and wealth to being a tentmaker and gifts from others.

APPLICATION: A different type of perfection.

A perfection that will not be obtained until Christ’s second coming - (Paul may have seemed like a nearly perfect Christian, he emphasized that he had not achieved that perfection.

Have you reached ‘perfection’? b/f you answer – do a quick ‘This is Your Life’.


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