Summary: A challenge to believers that church is not about buildings or social gatherings, but about those who have been called out

The church, the mystery of the Ekklesia (ek•klay•see•ah) “called out”

Part 2

Text: Eph. 3:1-11, 1:9-10


1. The concept of “church”, having church, being the church has seemed to have gotten skewed in our day.

2. Too often the church has become a glorified holy Club,

Abide by the rules of the club, our standards of faith & practice, etc.

3. Christ did not give his life for a man-made, man run holy club.

Read Acts 20:28-30

There was a blood trade involved- the swapping of his blood for the called out ones

4. The term mystery is used many times in the word, especially Paul’s writings,

a. It denotes something hidden kept secret, not revealed till a later date to those who are part of the inner circle.

b. Paul towered above the other Apostle with the concept of Ekklesia

(ek•klay•see•ah), the called out

5. I would like to re-align our thinking this morning, using the scriptures and the spirit of the word as a guide

6. Start with the wrong concept of the church, and EVERYTHING gets terribly distorted.

A. What is “the church” anyway?

Church Buildings?

Social gatherings?

1. The word Church in the Greek is #1577 ekklesia (ek•klay•see•ah)

a. Literally means, “called out”, the assembly

b. We are called out that we might be called into another body

c. There is only two systems, two spirits, two bodies- Christ and Satan’s

2. Another way to say “called out” is CHOSEN as in Eph. 1:4

a. “According as he hath chosen us in him before the foundation of the world…, (Ephesians 1:4, KJV)

This word chosen does not mean he has rejected the others, but favor has been shown to us

c. I chose Alley, I did not reject her sisters

B. The church, or called out ones, then has nothing then to do with….

1. Your culture


Style of living

2. Nothing to do with church standards

Rules and regulations,

The way you dress.-

3. It some of these may be effected as you grow and mature in Christ, these are not the measurements by whether we fellowship or not.

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