Summary: Our lives will be shaped by one of two dynamics – either the secular or the sacred.


II TIMOTHY 3:1-4:5

Introduction: Have you ever thought about the value of a view. How do you see life? What’s your perspective on the war in Iraq? Roe-vs. -Wade (abortion)? V. Gene Robinson (same sex marriage)? Kobe Bryant (immorality)? The lottery? Absolute truth?

Everyone has some sort of worldview. Someone suggested that there are four sides to every story: His side. Her side. The inside. The outside. Really there are only two sides. Our lives will be shaped by one of two dynamics – either the secular or the sacred. We will live either by human reasoning or heavenly revelation. We will be molded by either Christ or culture. In a recent Barna survey it was stated that only 51% of protestant American pastors hold a biblical worldview. “Houston, we have a problem!”

A biblical worldview, that is, a worldview based on scriptures should do three things:

I. It Educates Us Concerning the Culture in Which We Live (3:1-9)

Note the word “terrible.” It indicated that which is outrageous, dangerous, stressful and bizarre. Notice the characteristics of these people. They are lovers of themselves (2) - (self-centered, ego driven, their own god). They oppose the truth (8) - (accept reason over revelation). They are rejected by God (8). They are deceived by Satan (13).

That’s a pretty good picture of the pagans, is it not? Here’s the bombshell! This is a good picture of many churches! (See v.5, 13). How will we respond? We can compromise. We can condone. We usually condemn (beat them over the head with the Bible). The best way is to confront. Engage them with the claims of Christ.

II. It Stimulates Us to Apply the Scripture from Which We Learn (3:14-17)

See the word “continue”? It means to hold onto, flesh it out. Give expression to. Let the scriptures permeate, saturate and motivate you. Let them inform, reform and transform you. We should start early (15). We must continue daily (14). We should think supernaturally (15-16). We should live faithfully (17).

We live in a confused culture and a schizophrenic society.

III. It Motivates Us to Preach the Word We Have Been Given (4:1-5)

We should preach the Word! Why? Because of the judgment (1). Because we are charged to do so (1). Regardless of the circumstances (2). Stand, stay and stick to it whether you feel like it or not. Preach it carefully (2). Preach it even when it’s not popular (3).

Albert Mohler wrote, “Preaching is the church’s urgent priority…the central purpose of ministry is preaching.”


Conclusion: R. G. Lee urged men (and ministers) to embrace ten qualities in life.

1. Be Day Men – men who are aware of what is happening in the present day.

2. Be Say Men – Men who speak of Jesus.

3. Be Yea Men – Men who say, “Yes” to Jesus.

4. Be Nay Men – Men who say “No” when no should be said.

5. Be Weigh Men – Men who weigh mightily on God’s scale.

6. Be Pay Men – Men who love God with their pocketbooks

7. Be Pray Men – Men who are strong in theology and knee-ology.

8. Be Sway Men – Men who have influence that will sway people.

9. Be Lay Men – Men who will lay aside every weight, which would beset us.

10. Be Way Men – Men who are absolutely certain that only Jesus is the way!

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