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Summary: What does the Bible say about the coming events of Christ return? How can we be ready when He returns?

The coming of the Lord

Luke chapter 17:20-17:37


This week we continue to look at the parables of Jesus.

What better way to see what is important than to learn from the Master Himself.

Jesus addresses the Pharisee’s and instructs the disciples on the kingdom of God and his return.

Luke 17:20-17:37

Luke records Jesus conversations between the Pharisee’s and His disciples concerning the kingdom of God.

Jesus directs his answer to the Pharisee’s first that the kingdom “Does not come with your careful observation.”

He tells the Pharisee’s that the kingdom of God is not only a physical place but spiritual and internal place in your heart.

Jesus tells his disciples that they will long for the day that He would be there and not to be fooled by false teachers that will “spot Him” here and there and they would be chasing after Him.

Jesus was with them now, but one day He won’t be.

(25) “But first He must suffer many things, and be rejected by this generation.”

Jesus was foretelling His death, which had to happen before his burial, resurrection happened and His return.

(They were on one side of the cross and we are on the other side of the cross)

The kingdom of God is present today- We see God at work. (if you are looking)

It is getting darker and darker and people are falling away from God and his teachings, but God is still present reaching out in love to this spiritually dying world.

The problem as he was speaking to the Pharisee’s is that most are expecting a political/geographical kingdom to come.

The kingdom of God is present today because the church is still active and the Holy Spirit of God is still trying to reach people with the saving grace of God.

One day the grace of God will stop.

One day the Holy Spirit will not be drawing people to Himself.

Listen, I am not a scholar on end times, but it is important for us to understand what is to happen in the future and what we need to do to be ready.

Eschatology- the study of end times

The day of the Lord- is not a 24 hour period, but a time period where multiple events take place.

The day of technology is not one day we live in, but a period of time where technology has grown and expanded our knowledge.

The day of the Lord in the Bible is Rapture of the church, The Tribulation period, Return of Jesus Christ and the battle of Armageddon at His second coming.

Rapture of the church recorded in 1 Thess. 4:16-18

“For the Lord Himself will come down from heaven with a loud command with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first, after that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with Him in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. Therefore encourage each other with these words.”

The word rapture is not in the Bible but means to “be caught up”

One day I may die, but I will be resurrected first to be with the Lord.

If I am alive, I will be caught up with Him after the saints that have died.

Tribulation Period

7 year period of chaos and turmoil in which a leader (Anti-Christ) will direct a worldwide government.

People believe different times of where God’s people will be rapture out.

Pre-tribulation, Mid-tribulation, Post-tribulation.

Think it is bad now; wait until the Holy Spirit of God is not present.

Most denominations believe that somewhere after it starts and before it gets unbearable that the church will be rapture out.

Battle of Armageddon- 2nd Coming of Christ

Christ will return to conquer the Antichrist and his armies and will enter Jerusalem to establish his earthly kingdom (Millennium- 1000years)

Rapture, we meet the Lord in the air. The 2nd coming we return with Christ to conquer the Anti-Christ.

Now, understanding some terminology and knowing events, let’s look at the Scripture again.

(26) “Just as it was in the days of Noah, so also will it be in the days of the Son of man. People will be eating, drinking, marrying, and be given in marriage up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.”

Do you see the parallel?

People will be doing their thing! Mocking God, right up to the last moment and the day of grace will stop- just like Noah, the ark will be closed and all not on board will be lost.

At the rapture of the church those that thought they had forever to commit to the Lord will watch their world collapse.

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