Summary: A message that looks at the meaning of Salvation and the importance of knowing Jesus personally.

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The Concept and Truth of Salvation

Salvation is fundamental to everything in the Christian way of life and function of the church.

A Vital question is do we understand what salvation is and is not?

Salvation is not a way of life,

A regular attendance at church,

A standard of living to be maintained.

Salvation is a change of heart.

The Bible teaches us that every human being is born out of sync with our creator and in desperate need of a relationship with Him

This natural state of every human being is called is “being dead in trespasses and sins”

…. you were dead because you sinned and fought against God. 2 You followed the ways of this world and obeyed the devil. He rules the world, and his spirit has power over everyone who doesn’t obey God. Eph 2;1

This verse tells us that in our natural state we are out of any kind of relationship with God and governed and influenced by the ruler of this world the devil.

This is the natural state of all humans, utterly out of any kind of relationship with our creator.

The bible clearly teaches that because of this condition one day the creator will have to finally deal with this rebellious state. This is where the biblical teaching of Hell comes in; hell is a place or state of total abandonment by God and everything that is good and is for eternity.

These are hard words, they are not nice to hear but true never the less.

No amount of attendance at church or good living can change the natural condition of our heart. It does not matter how hard we try!

But because of our hopeless state and because the Creator loves us He decided to intervene and freely chose to come Himself in the person of Christ to open a door for anyone who chooses to go through it into His forgiveness.

Christ took our inherent sin on His shoulders and chose to take the penalty and punishment for us.

Christ himself carried our sins in his body to the cross, so that we might die to sin and live for righteousness. It is by his wounds that you have been healed. 1 Pet 2:24 GNV

This means that because of the death of Jesus Christ right at this very moment any human being can ask for their sins to be forgiven based on what Christ did on the cross.

This means that whenever a person (who ever they are and whatever they have done) asks for forgiveness it is given freely to them, this is why Peter says,

You were like sheep that had lost their way, but now you have been brought back to follow the Shepherd and Keeper of your souls

Asking for and receiving salvation automatically brings about a change in a person’s heart. Either immediately or over a period of time the Spirit of Christ in them brings about a change in the way they live, think, feel and act. This is the evidence of Christ in our lives.

Asking for and receiving Christ’s forgiveness heals the brokenness in a person’s relationship with their creator and brings about a fundamental change in our position before God.

We become adopted into Gods family as sons and daughters.

It does not matter what a person has done they can be adopted if they surrender their life to Christ.

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