Summary: Martin Luther Romans the greatest book in the New Testament.

Martin Luther “Romans the greatest book in the New Testament.”

Paul’s Commendation: Vs. 1-2

Question: What can we say about Phoebe?

Paul Says Three Things:

I commend you. – Means to approve.

I affirm your ministry.

You have the gift of leadership.

Question: Where would the church be without women serving?

Paul’s Cordiality: Vs. 3-16, 21-24

Key: There are fascinating stories behind many of these people Paul named.


Vs. 3—Priscilla and Aquilla—famous wife and husband team.

Vs. 8—Ampliatus whom Paul loved—a slave.

Vs. 11—the household of Narcissus—was the gatekeeper to Claudius Caesar.

Vs. 12—Greet Tryphaena and Tryphosa—names mean dainty and delicate.

Vs. 13—Greet Rufus—his father carried the cross of Jesus.

Vs. 16—Greet each other with a Holy Kiss—show affection.

Four Insights:

The Church is people not a building.

Every individual is important.

People need praise.

Greeting each other is a Christian Duty! Vs. 16

T. S. Elliot “The reason the cocktail glass has become so important is because the communion cup has lost it’s meaning.”

Paul’s Caution: Vs. 17-20

Key: Paul ends a great doctrinal book with always maintain unity!

Truth: If you want to know if something is fake spend time with the real thing!

Paul’s Conclusion: 25-27

Key: God leaves us all here on earth after we become believers so we can share with others, “so that all nations might believe and obey.”

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