Summary: The Christian life is not a dull life. Here is some instructions on how to have fun.


1 John 1:5-10

INTRO: We hear countless messages each year about just how we should

conduct our Christian lives. We hear that we should do some things and not do other things. We oft-times may get discouraged in our living for God, and think that to be a Christian, we must not have anything to do that will be fun.

But this is not so. We can have fun as Christians. God wants us to be happy in our service to Him. In order to have this happiness, there are certain conditions of fellowship that we must meet.


A. This is a message from God to man.

B. God is light.

1. The purity of light.

2. Light attracts all to it.

a. Searchlights in the sky.

b. Bugs are attracted to light.

3. The perfectness of light.

C. In Him is no darkness at all.

1. Just a little light will light up a whole room that is dark.

2. ILLUS: Gf-263 The Cave and the Sun.

3. This darkness also relates to sin.

D. We can’t fellowship with God in darkness.

1. Many pretend to have fellowship.

a. God said such people are liars.

b. 2 Cor. 6:14.

2. Their actions demonstrate their lack of fellowship.

E. When we walk in the light, we so walk that we show that we know


F. ILLUS: Gf-264 Have you a little shadow?


A. We must be careful of deceiving ourselves in denying or

excusing our sins.

1. The Christian life is a life of continued repentance.

2. The denial of our sin not only deceives ourselves, but it also

reflects dishonor upon God.

B. We must admit our sins and face up to the need of daily


C. Then we will have true happiness.

D. ILLUS: Gf-265 The Eater Eaten.

CONC: What is the condition of fellowship in this church? What is the condition of fellowship in your life? The condition of fellowship in the church is dependent upon the condition of fellowship in the life of each member.

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