Summary: Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our faith.

The Cornerstone

Truck commercial - Like a Rock - Chevy

I’ve got a chevy, its a rock, just sits there, doesn’t do anything

The prison Alcatraz was called The Rock

People use the term Rock, as a nick-name for diamonds.

Insurance Co. - “get a piece of the Rock” (show Gibraltar)

These terms, phrases (and others) indicate something solid, dependable, tough, strong.

We are not recognized by the state yet, as Cornerstone Christian Church, but when we are, it’ll be very appropriate.

This body already has great strength and depth.

There are many youth & adults who are strong in the scriptures, who have served the Lord for years and been faithful in all things.

But the ultimate strength of the Church is not the body (you, I or even all of us combined); the strength is the Head, the Bridegroom, the Cornerstone - Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:19-20 reminds us, “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household, having been built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus Himself being the cornerstone.”

This & other scriptures we are looking at this morning remind us who this church & every other church must be built upon - CHRIST!

If we build our lives or this congregation on ANYTHING else but Christ, we will not last - we will fail!

Let’s see what the scripture says about this Cornerstone.

A. LAID IN ZION (Is. 28:16)

Dark period of history for the two kingdoms of Hebrew people.

Both Israel (northern 2 tribes) and Judah (southern 10 tribes) had turned away from God.

There was a few good kings to the south, but ultimately both groups turned their backs on Jehovah God.

The kings of Israel and Judah as a whole built their nations on cheap unstable stones, the workmanship had been shoddy and when the crisis came, they crumbled.

In the face of impending doom, destruction and instability, God speaks of a sure foundation, a ROCK!

The word, ZION, has several references in the OT & NT:

1. A section of the city of Jerusalem

2. The entire city of David, his home, the capital

3. The entire country of Judah

4. The heavenly Jerusalem

5. In general terms, people who are in the

presence of God and who have His protection

There is speculation about the who and what of this cornerstone.

1. Some say it refers to King David and his throne

2. Some say it refers to the city, Jerusalem

3. Still others say it is a prophecy about Jesus

I find it difficult to have confidence in the first two because of the four qualifying phrases in this verse.

King David, even though he “was a man after God’s own heart”, made serious mistakes in judgment and character.

His son Absolom actually forced him out of Jerusalem for a time.

Making reference to Jerusalem is even a more difficult stretch.

So many times it was t/home of idol-worshipping kings & queens, a place where prophets were ignored and even persecuted.

In history, Jerusalem was destroyed more than once.

The cornerstone seems best to be a prophecy about Jesus.

What does it say about Him?

1. Tested stone

A very hard stone that has undergone numerous tests & proved to be reliable and can be used as a measure against other stones.

Jesus is easily identified in this description.

Where others are weak, Jesus is strong.

Where others fail, Jesus succeeds.

Where others are limited, Jesus is limitless.

Where others sin, Jesus is perfect.

Where others die, Jesus lives.

Jesus passes all tests, w/out a blemish, He remains t/only standard.

2. Precious cornerstone

Is there anyone or anything more precious than Jesus?

Can anyone or anything lead you to life everlasting? NO not one

Lord, You are more precious than silver, Lord You are more costly than gold, Lord You are more beautiful than diamonds, And nothing I desire compares with You!

3. Sure foundation

By the time I was a teen, my grandmothers house was in shambles.

Of course it was well over 100 years old, and had weathered 9 kids and harsh Illinois country living.

I can remember walking from one room, to the next and feeling the floor sag beneath my weight. (my weight)

Floor joists rotten, thought we would go right through the floor.

Jesus is a sure foundation - tried and true!

4. The one who trusts will never be dismayed

The person who put his or her trust in God has a serenity and a calm deliberateness which is not possible otherwise.

To refuse to entrust my way to God is to open myself to a hectic & feverish existence in which I rush here and there trying with decreasing success to control every part of my life.

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