Summary: "The Corporate Anointing!" The Anointing is a Person!!

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"The Corporate Anointing!" The Anointing is a Person!

The anointing is not a feeling, an idea, or an atmosphere - it is a knowing, the assurance that God is with us. The anointing is a Person! The Spirit of the Son! The Lord Jesus Christ, the Root of David, earth's one true Messiah, the fountainhead of all anointing.

Jesus is the "anointed one", the Messiah, the Christ: He is Prophet, Priest, and King. "Christ" is both Head and Body! Jesus is our glorious Head and we are His Church, the Body of Christ, and the CORPORATE MESSIAH! This anointed, sanctified "royal priesthood" is a prophetic people who have been made kings and priests unto God, the CORPORATE ANOINTING.

The anointing flows like a river from the anointed One. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Son. The Holy Spirit of the anointed One is a Person, the Spirit of the Father and the Son who have come to make the saints their "mansion". We are the "temple" of the Holy Ghost. In Him we live, and move, and have our being.

"Christ in and among all of you". His Church, His Body, collectively comprises the fullness of Him, to fill all things.

To accomplish this, the Father has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts. The spirit of Moses was multiplied and placed upon the 70 elders; even so, the New Testament Mediator has become a many-membered Man in His corporate Body. This "mystery of godliness" began with a Seed being planted in a habitation of purity, Mary's womb. Paul's apostolic, intercessory burden was that Christ, the anointed One, the Spirit of the Son, be fully formed in a virgin Church. This glorious Body of Christ is the Church of the firstborn, Mount Zion, the city of the living God.

The Corporate anointing is three-dimensional, revealed in three different words for "anointed" or "anointing."

The first is the Hebrew word suk, which means to "pour out."

The second is masah or mashach, which means to "smear on"

The third is the Greek word chrio, which means to "rub in."

Each dimension of the anointing reveals ever-increasing levels of divine power according to God's Word. Yet each dimension has a specific purpose in the plan of God, and at each level we encounter not a "thing" but a Person, the Spirit of the Son of God.

Isa 10:27 It shall come to pass in that day that his burden will be taken away from your shoulder, and his yoke from your neck, and the yoke will be destroyed because of the anointing.

The first dimension of the corporate anointing means "to pour out"

We have responded to the presence of God with joy, but too often we don't allow the anointing to permeate our being.

It is all right to have a good time in the house of the Lord, but how often do we find that when the next day's testings come, we do not have enough enrichment left to face our tests and trials in victory.

The second level of corporate anointing means to smear on. When the anointing oil was smeared on, it lasted longer than when it was just poured out. Like the priests of old we have been anointed for service, but there are still limitations in this second realm.

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