Summary: This is the 5th in the series that takes a look at the 7 churches in Revelation and their attitudes and how they sometimes reflect the attitude of individuals and churches corporately.

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The Corpse that Played Church

Revelation 3:1-6

I. The Danger Zone (v. 1)

A. Life is more than skin deep

1. A church’s/person’s heart is more than a name

2. A church’s/person’s heart is more than activities

B. There are causes for death in the church

1. A lack of leadership (I Peter 5:2, Hebrews 13:7)

2. A pattern of division (I Cor. 1:11-13)

3. A worship of tradition & methods

4. A lack of devotion to sound teaching and preaching

5. A lack of following God’s will

6. A lack of kingdom thinking

C. There are causes of personal spiritual death

1. A lack of a real personal relationship

2. A lack of commitment to the local church

3. A lack of commitment to personal study and devotion of God’s word

4. A lack of service in the local church

II. The Way of Resuscitation (v. 2-3)

A. Those near death must wake up (Romans 13:11)

1. You must realize your condition

2. You must realize your calling

3. You must realize your potential

B. Those near death must strengthen

1. Begin by encouraging each other

2. Begin by doing a few things well

3. Begin by getting back to the basics

C. Those near death must remember

1. Remember the price paid for you

2. Remember the purpose for your life and calling

3. Remember the need for repentance

III. The reward of the living (v. 4-6)

A. The faithful will always stand out (v. 4)

1. They may be recognized because of their difference

2. They may be reviled by the dead and dying

B. The faithful will be rewarded (v. 5)

1. The promise of eternal life

2. The promise of security

3. The promise of recognition

C. Those possessing the Spirit will hear (v. 6)

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