Summary: The most important things in life can only be acheived by those who conscioulsy count the cost and pay the price.

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Today while praying, I took time to go over all I wanted to do and be for God. At the end I asked myself a question, then I turned around and asked God that question.

“God, What will it cost me to fulfill my destiny?”

We everyday are faced with the reality of the cost of life. A trip to overseas, a vacation in the Caribbeans, an Alaskan cruise, the answer to the call to go full time into ministry, the cost of four years of school, the choice of marriage and all that and more.

Recently, I wrote down what I thought were some of the most expensive things I could do in life and why they were so expensive. Then I also began counting the cost of doing them. Lets start with the issues first then later we can discuss the cost.

1. Making Heaven

2. Fulfilling the call

3. Happy marriage

4. Keeping a friend

Have you ever wondered what it would cost you to make heaven? Recently I was taught by the Holy spirit the reality of the cost of making heaven. It will cost me my life.It will take me dying to self, plunging myself into God, His word and prayer.

This November, the world is honouring people who have been married for longer than 50 years. Yet this November a study in the US came out that said that only about 40% of the public think marriage is important. 60% percent of children are born in broken homes… Somehow, the world is forgetting how to pay the price for marriage.

People think there is no cost to making and keeping a freind. I once heard a speaker talk about a friend. They had been friends for over 30 years. The speaker had wedded his friends sons, buried 2 of his children, sat with him during a near divorce and a lot more. The cost of friendship is dying to your pride and selfishness. If you pay the price, you will keep friends for a long time.

I have sworn to God that whatever it will cost me to get to where I have to, I will do it. My question to you is HAVE YOU COUNTED THE COST and ARE YOU WILLING TO PAY THE PRICE?

Kathryn khulman always said that “ it wouldnt cost you so much, it would only costs you everything.” I am wondering what it is in life that would cost me everything. I am making a list of them, and I am living the rest of my life paying the price.

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