Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: You know you have to pity the lost person friends. They reject Jesus for the world and then lose the world.


Acts 27: 14

Last week we looked around the subject of how to survive a shipwreck. We covered some things that will cause your ship to sink. This morning I want to talk about the cost of a shipwreck.

Remember now Paul was a prisoner and they put him on a ship to go to Rome. For some reason or another the ship was waylaid and time was wasting, so they thought. The centurion took a vote and most of them said lets sail. They did not want to stay in Caesarea because it was not a good place to spend the winter. The centurion took a vote and the majority voted to sail. Paul had a word from God not to sail but he was out voted. While out on the sea they ran into a storm. The ship was demolished and the cargo was lost but the lives of the people was saved.

Now why did they sail even though God through Paul had said it would be dangerous and not to go? It was circumstances that made their choices. Listen to some of those circumstances. They did not want to winter in the place they were docked up. Circumstance number two, they sought advice from a man of the world. Circumstance number three, they took a vote. You say what is wrong with that? Listen, I know some decisions we make are based on the circumstances around us. That is alright except when God has already spoken. God had already said not to sail but the circumstances seemed right to go ahead with their plans. People you listen to this preacher. When God has spoken about a matter, He has spoken. When God is left out of your life, you will find that the circumstances you thought were so good will drive you in directions which you never dreamed you would be going. You will sink your ship if you make your decisions based on circumstances alone.

Now I want you to notice what happened to the people on ship because they based their decision on circumstances. First of all they wander. Look in verse 14. The storm was great and here is a storm with a name. Here are some experienced sailors wandering around because they could see no land, no stars or moon to guide them. They did not know which direction they were going so they wander aimlessly in the storm of life. Now why are they out there wandering aimlessly out in the sea? They based their decisions based on circumstances.

The second thing they did was work. Look if you will in verse 16. Now what that means was they had placed cables under the boat. It was like us putting our belt around our waist. They were trying everything to keep the ship from coming apart. These people had no time for God so they work in the storm. These people voted said lets sail. The circumstances were not quite right but they were motivated to look for the easy way out. The easy way out is not always the best way. They did not want to winter in the dump they were in. Now they are working to stay afloat.

Did you know that the lost take more difficulty in going to hell than saved do to go to heaven? The Bible says the way of the transgressor is hard. Jesus says come unto me all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you for my yoke is easy.

They wander, they work but listen they waste. Look in verse 19. What that means is they through everything overboard so as to lighten the ship. All that precious cargo, all the treasures. All the things that seemed important when they begin the voyage now was a danger. Sooner or later these things you and I may count as important will go down.

You know you have to pity the lost person friends. They reject Jesus for the world and then lose the world. How soon people see that life without Jesus is wasted. People spend their health to make their wealth and then older, they spend their wealth to keep their health.

Look also in verse 29. They not only waste but they wish. Out there in the storms of life wishing for the light. Oh, if we could just see a star, the moon or the shore. People who don’t know the Lord all they can do is hope. Oh you always have that word of encouragement from a pagan friend. Cheer up for things will get better. Now isn’t that good advice? Well lets just hope for a better day. You hear lost people come into the hospital to cheer up a family member of friend and all they know how to say is good luck. I am glad I don’t have to depend on good luck. I know they storm keeper. But friends, this is where many are today because they base their decisions based on circumstances rather than the Word of God. What are your decisions of life based on?

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