Summary: A message concerning the cost of following Jesus.

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The Cost of the Cross


The Curiosity of the Call Burning Bush

The Chiseling of Character 40 Years

The Challenge of Conviction The Lord said

The Crisis of Commitment Red Sea Cul de Sac

Note: I believe I have inherited a church somewhere between Egypt and the Red Sea. And God is quickly moving us to the place where we are being forced to decide whether we are going to groan and complain wanting return to the bondage of Egypt or whether we are going to trust Him and watch Him provide a miracle in our midst.

Idea: I am not the only one who thinks this either.

Linda Sanders

Conversation w/ Members and Staff


Question What makes people back to Egypt? Fear/Faithlessness/Feeling lost

What makes them go forward in faith?

Review Conviction + Obedience = Faith

What is God up to in our church?

1 HE is once again extending His call

2 HE is stripping away our selfishness and religious ideologies and HE is building spiritual character and fervor.

3 HE is challenging the authenticity of our convictions and beliefs.

4 HE is calling us to a crisis of obedience and faith.

5 HE is expecting us to respond to HIS call.

Check: Som’in Up

Easter Sunday



Prayer Ministry

Parish Nursing/Homebound Ministry

Tonight – Choir Favorites

When we investigate the fruit we are finding it good to eat. Som’in Up!

What is the next step? God is pressing us to trust Him

Note from Steve

Transition: Room filled w/ Paintings (3 Portraits to consider)

I The Calling of the Disciples Lk. 5:1-11

A Jesus’ Invitation “Come follow me”

B Jesus’ Promise “I will make you…”

C Disciple’s Response They forsook and left their nets”

1 They left their former lives.

2 They left the security of the understandable

3 They began the great faith adventure

Question: What must I forsake and lay down to follow Jesus?

II The Clearing of the Temple Jn 12:25

A Temple Scenario

B Jesus’ Response

1 He scattered the Temple

2 He turned over the tables

a. Compromise

b. Good Intentions

c. Selfishness and Greed

d. Religious Piety

e. Pettiness and Misunderstanding

Question: What tables does God need to turn over to get your attention?

III The Confession of the Cross Lk. 9:18-27

A Histories Most Pressing Question

B A Disciples Reply

C Jesus’ Affirmation

1 The Son will be crucified for you

2 The Son will ask that you lay down your life for Him

3 The Weight of the Cross

a. Rome Guilt, shame, suffering

b. Jew Extermination, rejection, ridcule

c. Lost Waste, crutch, burden

d. Christian Sacrifice, surrender, salvation, Service

Question: Whose Cross will you pick up today?

All on the Altar Will you give Him your life.

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