Summary: Finding New Testament truths through Old Testament Covenanats

2nd week on the covenants of God

1. Covenant of Creation

2. Covenant of Adam

3. Covenant of Noah

4. Covenant of Abraham

5. Covenant of Sinai

6. Covenant of David

7. The New Covenant

We’ll learn through the O.T. covenants- Jesus is revealed in all O.T.

Jesus said, “You search the scriptures…” John 5:39

Jews thought the O.T. was about them

Christians think N.T. is about us

That’s why Jews missed Jesus

That’s why we miss Jesus

Last week Covered- Covenant of Creation

1. Man was made in the image of the Trinity

2. Man should have dominion

3. There is a Sabbath rest

4. Marriage

This week covering Covenant of Adam

Gen 2:16-17

Not a suggestion- command and promise

I’ve given you everything you could need

This is the deal Adam-

I’ll give you everything- But if you eat the tree, You’ll die

“What is the Tree of knowledge of good and evil”

Not an apple, and it wasn’t poisonous- Fairy Tales

At this point- they are totally innocent

They do not know the difference between good and evil

They have not had a choice up to this point

This tree was Adams’s and Eve’s first chance to choose

Perfect garden, perfect woman, perfect surrounding etc.

First chance for us to see- men always choose evil

The fruit isn’t what gave them the knowledge of good and evil

Their choice is what the brought knowledge

I believe they were going to know good and evil whether the ate or not

They would have come to that knowledge- only through God’s way

A person that’s had cancer, knows all about it

So does the doctor- he’s never had it

Why am I saying this? People say, I’ve never been through that

Gen 3:1-5

We think eating the tree opened their eyes, it was their disobedience

This is how stupid Christians are

Satan tell Adam and Eve they’d be like God – They already were

Covenant of Creation- We’ll listen to Satan, when he promises something we already have.

Church we gotta learn what we have, so we don’t sell out to get something we’ve already got.

God will take you farther than any promise of Satan

God said they would die- This was a spiritual death

Death means “SEPARATION”

If You die tonight- you’ll be more alive that you’ve ever been

To be “absent” from the body, is to be present with God

But if you die, there is separation between you and me

If you die, we shouldn’t prop your dead body up- try to talk to you

James 2

26As the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without deeds is dead.

Here a good way to look at Adam’s &Eve’s death

When we’re saved we go from “Death” to “Life”


Because Adam went from “Life” to “Death”

Everything from then to know- God has been bringing life

Satan brings death- God brings life

God said, “By man came death, by man came life”

Romans 5:12-21

So they eat- and judgements come

Gen 3:14-15

I was always mad and Adam and Eve, If a snake’s talking- What’s up w/ that

Still in a state of innocence

Says to the serpent- you’ll eat dust forever

They obviously looked different then

God told the devil that day- all you’ll ever do is eat dust

“The devil is on my back” Supposed to be under your feet

“They’re will be hostility between her seed and yours”

Why the woman? Woman was deceived, but a woman brought deliverer

Woman got us in this mess, She got us out

Thank God for women- if men had babies- had one- hurt too bad

The people you deceived, will bring forth your conquerer

This seed is Jesus, (discuss bruising of feet)

Shaneology- I believe Satan thought Cain was that seed

Jesus was the seed- he bruised his heel- J.C. crushed his head

Gen 3:16 Pain in childbirth

Desire shall be for your husband

Women wanting to dominate men-

Godly men- stay in submission to God and bring order

Idiot men either – let the woman run the house

They rule ungodly, abusive and stupid

Vs. 17-19

Still gonna work, now you’re gonna sweat

Work is not a curse- sweat is

Bible says a man that doesn’t work, doesn’t eat

You’re gonna Die

Though this fall sin entered the world-

Their rebellion to God

But we know God sent someone, to turn this all around

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