Summary: Finding New Testament truths through Old Testament Covenants

2 Samuel 7:8

Series on Covenants—List

Just finished the Covenant of Sinai

It was given to show sin- Not to make people righteous

The Sinai covenant became obsolete – Hebrews 8


Under the old covenant God made this Cov. With David

In this chapter- David decides to build God a House

David lives in a mansion- God lives in a tent

Asks Nathan- Nathan says yeah-

God tells Nathan “What were you thinking”

+++ Read Scripture

That’s where scripture starts


God’s says I’ll build you a house David-

Not a physical house- geneology

How long is forever- God says I will abide forever

I look for Jesus in every verse of the Bible – It’s clear this is about Jesus

I struggled with a certain verse in this passage

Says 7 things

1. Set up David’s seed

2. Set up his kingdom

3. I will establish the throne of Davids kingdom forever

4. I will be his father and he will be my son- David was reeling- Abraham

5. I will chasten him

6. He will have mercy on the son forever

7. House, kingdom, and throne forever

How can this be about Jesus- Talks about chastening for sin?

Abe- Isaac> Isaac- Jacob and Esau> Jacob- 12 sons (tribes)

12 tribes went to Egypt- A lot of Jews not many with faith

Not about the blood of Abraham- people with Ishmael and Esau’s sons

Too many seeds- Abraham, Isaac, David, Jesus, We are the seed-

Which is it- YES___ Anyone who had faith- is a seed of the promise

Jesus Made us all the seed & He did all 7

Psalm 89:1-4

I Have made a covenant with “MY CHOSEN”


VS 28- 37


Ahaz- horrible Leader- Afraid he’s going to lose the Whole Nation of Israel

Gets religious

Isaiah 7:10-14

First time this was ever said- Here’s the promise

I’m sure Isaiah thought- BORN OF A VIRGIN? How you gonna do that God

Isaiah 9: 6-7

Child is born- Son is Given> So man- but so God

The child could be born- but the son had to be given-

He’s been there since beginning

He’ll sit on the throne of David

Let’s see if this is going to happen- or it’s going to happen

End times believes that this will be fulfilled during tribulation


Luke 1:30-33

O when Jesus comes back- rebuild the temple- so we have a throne

We’ll be making sacrifices- and Jesus will sit on the throne of David

Every mainstream end times guru- O rebuild the kingdom-

Quit reading the books written by men, and read the one written by God


Acts 4:23----quoting Psalm 2

Peter said, what david said in Psalms 2 was fulfilled at the cross

Read Ps. 2 – First time “Anointed” is used- Messiah

No matter how much you wanna reject Jesus- I have set him on the throne

God laughs

Acts 2:22-336

Why did God raise Jesus- TO SIT ON HIS THRONE

It’s not the return of Christ that will cause God to sit on the Throne


LORD- YAWHEH ----- Lord- Adonia

God said to Jesus

Acts 13:29-39

I have a king-

His name is Jesus-

He fulfilled all things at the cross

God has a temple

No one has to be rebuilt

WE are the Temple of God

Where is Jesus is on the Throne

And this kingdom will last forever

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