Summary: Simple three point outline. Dropped, Picked up, and Restored. Main thought, "No one at the table can see your crippled feet!"

Text: 2 Samuel 9:1-12

Title: “The Cripple Boy and the King”

Introduction: Read 2 Samuel 4:4

Mephibosheth was only five years of age when word came that his family’s throne was now in retreat. His

Grandfather, King Saul, and his Father, Jonathan, had died on the battle field. A new household was taking the throne of Israel. David had been anointed King.

Mephibosheth was the only remaining member of King Saul’s household. His life would surely be threatened for it was the custom of every new king to destroy anyone who might later challenge his throne.

Upon hearing the news of these events, the nurse in care of Mephibosheth, hurriedly flees for a place of safety for the young child, and in her anxious effort, accidently (but providentially) drops him and crushes his ankles.

For the rest of his days Mephibosheth would be known as the cripple boy.

1. The Day he was Dropped.

Dropped… though no fault of his own.

Mephibosheth would be a product of another’s failure. He was only five years old. The nurse fell. She was the cause of his shame.

When Adam and Eve fell, we too fell. We are byproducts of their shame.

Dropped… he was now a cripple.

Mephibosheth was unable to walk. We too have been crippled by the fall. It is impossible for a carnal man to walk in the paths of righteousness. Try as

though he may, he will fall. He will always "come short of the glory of God."

Dropped… he lived under a curse.

Mephibosheth lived every day in the fear of pending judgment and certain death. He lived in the constant awareness of his condemnation.

2. The Day he was Picked up.

Picked up… because of the loving nature of the King.

David was not like the other earthly Kings. He was a man after God’s own heart. He wanted to show “kindness” to the household of King Saul.

We serve a God of grace. It is the very nature of God to “so love the world.”

Picked up… because his Father was willing to lay down his life.

Jonathan had set aside his own right to the throne. He removed his warrior’s belt and girdle and placed it around his anointed friend, David. In doing this, he was demonstrating his willingness to lay down his life.

Christ Jesus laid down his life for us at Calvary. Our only hope is in the Cross.

3. The Day he was Restored.

Restored… to a position as one of the King’s Sons.

King David told Mephibosheth that he was to be adopted as one of his "Sons."

When we trusted Christ, we were given the authority to be called a "son of God." (John 1:12)

Restored… privileged of being able to sit at the King’s table.

Overwhelming Thought: When you are sitting at a table, no one is looking at your feet! At the dinner table, Mephibosheth was an equal. His cripple feet

were “under the table!”

Our sin is under the table... blood. There is naught else to do at the dinner table, but to commune with our Father. We have been invited to be the guest to the dinner table. Our invitation was from the King of Kings. Our legs did not achieve this prize. Our positon is because of God’s amazing grace.

While it is true that David was a blessing to Mephibosheth. I am also confident that Mephibosheth became a blessing to King David! May we

live to grace the table of our King.

Restored… empowered with lands and servants.

Mephibosheth was restored the lands that once belonged to the household of King Saul. Ziba and his sons were commanded to till his fields for him and to bring meat to his grace his table.

God has made a provision for our every need. He knows of our weakness. He provides his sons with Spirit wings. You don’t need cripple feet for flying! We can mount up on the wings of eagles!

Four practical conclusions:

1. Accept the invitation.

2. Be thankful.

3. Partake of the food prepared.

4. Talk to the King.

Invitation verse:

Revelation 3:20

“Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.”


“Lord, thank you for inviting me to the banquet you have prepared for me in the presence of mine enemies. I long for your fellowship. Thank for you my

daily bread. Today, I accept the invitation offered by your grace.”

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