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Summary: Although it has been very gradual, we've been hearing some cracking in the foundation of this great nation. It is time for Christians to speak up in loving and redemptive ways. Our silence is saving no one. God give us wisdom and courage.

The year was 1958.

It happened in a small town in northeast Pennsylvania

The community leaders had built a small red brick building that would serve as their City Hall. The same building was designed to be used as the local firehouse and police department.

For that tiny community, this building was a symbol of careful planning, sacrifice, and commitment on behalf of the town's people.

Hundreds of people were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony the day that building was dedicated. It was a momentous occasion for that small community.

But just two months after the dedication of the building, it became painfully obvious that the city had a significant problem with their new symbol of pride.

Giant cracks began to appear on the outside walls of the building.

Then they began to notice that the windows wouldn't shut completely.

Doors would no longer close properly.

The floor shifted leaving ugly gaps around the floor covering. And then, as if to add insult to injury, the roof began to leak!

Within just a few months the building had to be evacuated, much to the embarrassment of the builder and the disgust of the taxpayers.

It was later discovered that blasts from a nearby mining area were slowly, but effectively destroying the building.

Imperceptibly, down beneath the earth’s surface, beneath the foundation, small shifts were taking place that caused the entire foundation to crack.

You couldn't see it, or even feel it on the surface. But quietly, way down deep, the structure was being weakened at its very foundation.

In time, the building had to be condemned and it was later demolished.

When you have trouble with the foundation you have real trouble.

A disintegrating foundation cannot give adequate support to its structure.

Although it has been very gradual, almost imperceptible through the years, I think we've been hearing some cracking in the foundation of this great nation.

What might have begun as hairline cracks in the beginning are quickly becoming serious fault lines in the foundation of our nation as we move away from a biblical worldview.

Shocking statistics...

65% of “Builders” possess a Christian worldview.

34% of “Boomers” possess a Christian worldview.

17% of “Busters” possess a Christian worldview…while only…

4% of the “Millennial” generation make their decisions or have convictions based on a Christian worldview.

There has been a continual and dramatic decrease in the percentage of the population living out their lives and making their decisions based on godly values and biblical principles.

How could this happen?

I believe this should be of interest not only to every parent or grandparent, but to every sincere disciple of Jesus Christ.

Why is it that a Christian worldview is losing so much support, while secular views about things like the sanctity of life, same sex marriage, and humanism are gaining so much support?

I believe it is due in large part to the fact that there have been some who would like to silence the church and Christians who would support a biblical worldview. We are beginning to see the clear results of our silence.

Christians have been intimidated and are often afraid to state their biblical beliefs for fear of being labeled intolerant, narrow-minded or hateful.

My prayer is that God will enable current and future generations to once again embrace a biblical worldview. That cannot happen in silence.

Christian people must be willing to stand up and lovingly speak the biblical truth on controversial cultural topics.

My concern is that our silence is contributing to the loss of our children.

Present and future generations are in danger of being lost to Christ and the church because the messages they are hearing are not from the Word but from the world.

Christians have been convinced to remain silent so we don’t “alienate” the world. While we stand by quietly, our own children and grandchildren are being swept away by the constant propaganda that they are being bombarded with each and every day from a very secular and hedonistic culture.

Every single day our children are being inundated with the very worldly, very secular agendas that contemporary culture works to successfully promote.

The statistics that I shared earlier clearly prove that we cannot assume that future generations will continue to hold a biblical or Christian worldview. Not only may they not believe the same way you do, they could believe the exact opposite.

I understand that is up to them to choose their own worldview, but how can they choose wisely if they hear little or nothing from God’s Word on the subject? They are bombarded by, what the Bible clearly defines as sinful philosophies and worldviews while Christian voices are often silenced by fear and intimidation.

It is easy to see how people can get swept away by the spirit of this age if we don’t speak up.

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