Summary: Jehoshaphat’s prayer in 2 Chronicles 20.1-19 as a model for our prayers in a time of crisis

The Crisis Prayer 2 Chronicles 20.1-19

The Crisis (vs. 1-2)

- While we probably are not facing invasion by a foreign power, we all have problems in life

- These problems come in a variety of shapes and sizes- relationship difficulties, school or work related stresses, health issues, etc.- but the one thing they have in common is that they disrupt our lives

- Regardless of what the problem is, God will listen and God can help

I. The Crisis Prayer needs Focus (vs. 3-4)

a. The first thing Jehoshaphat does is Focus on the Lord (vs. 3)

- Too many times we get so caught up in a crisis that we forget to focus on the One who can help

b. The second thing Jehoshaphat does is Focus his Life (vs. 3)

- We need to focus our lifestyles in a way that can help resolve, or at least let us concentrate more on resolving, a crisis

c. The third thing Jehoshaphat does is Focus Others with him (vs. 4)

- When others focus with us on specific problems, they help share the burden. A group of believers praying together for the same thing is a powerful weapon

II. The Crisis Prayer needs Faith (vs. 5-13)

a. We need to have Faith in Who God is (vs. 5-6)

- Instead of asking “Why?” when we have a crisis, we need to put our faith in the “Who”

- In the book of Job, God does not give Job the reasons behind what happens, He just reminds Job of He is

b. We need to have Faith in What God has Done (vs. 7-8)

- It amazes me how quickly we forget what God has done before, how again and again God has kept His promises and cared for His people

- When we examine the way God has worked in our lives in the past, we see it is not a fluke. Just as He has helped us in the past, He can help us in the future

c. We need to have Faith in What God will Do (vs. 9-13)

- While we may not know exactly what God will do, like Jehoshaphat we can have faith that God will “hear and deliver us” (vs. 9)

III. The Crisis Prayer brings Freedom (vs. 14-19)

- If we have faith, we should also have freedom from fear and worry

- While I may not know what crisis you have in your life, I can say with confidence “Do not fear or be dismayed . . .for the battle is not yours but God’s” (vs. 14)

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