Summary: Many male Church members are "hooked" on pornography.

Here’s the too often heard scenario: An eleven year old girl, coming home from

school by herself, is met by a man who has been hiding in the shadows. As he steps out

he has in his hands some pornography which he bravely displays before her eyes. The

girl is frightened and runs to the safety of her home. Now, what do you do? (a) Do

nothing, children need to know about the world. (b) Blame it on the girl, after all she

could have taken another way home or been with others. (c) Notify the authorities, he

should be arrested. (d) Take him for a long walk on a short peer.

Sadly enough, in our society all four of these answers could be correct dependent on

your level of morality. It is refreshing to know that a large segment of our society still

holds that the protection of our children should be maintained.

Jesus said in Matthew 19:14 that we are not to forbid the little children in coming unto

Him. This would mean that, through pornography, the child is lead away from Christ and

into the outer realms of darkness and Satan. Woe unto the person that perverts the mind

of the little child.

Let us change this scenario just a little. The little girl is sitting at home, working on

her homework for school. She is using the computer to help her. She is not on the

Internet, just working alone. She can not find the file she was working on, so she begins

looking at other files. She finds a file called, “temp. Internet files.” She looks in this file

and finds other strange files. She opens one of them and is shown pornographic pictures

left there by a man who has been hiding in the shadows of her very own home.

You probably have guessed by now that these pictures were put there by someone who

wants to view such trash. The man who is showing her the pornography is her father.

What do you do in this case? (a) Do nothing, children need to know about the world. (b)

Blame it on the girl, after all she should have been minding her own business. (c) Notify

the authorities, he should be arrested. (d) Take him for a long walk on a short peer.

Strangely enough most of the people in this country will answer this question in a

different way than they answered the first question. It seems that we want to protect our

children from all evil, but see no, or very little, evil in what parents expose them to.

Wrong is wrong no matter what our reasoning could be. The home should be a place of

security, but now this little eleven year old feels very insecure. What is she to do?

Confused, she turns the computer off! For the next few hours, days or weeks she

ponders the dilemma that she is in. She does not use the computer as she is afraid of

what she will find or see. Her mother notices that she is not using the computer and ask

her why. What a spot she is in. Answer her mother and tell on good-ole-dad, or lie.

Children should not be put in this sort of predicament.

Unfortunately mom knows that good-ole-dad has had this problem with pornography

for some time. She thought that he would get it under control, but now it is effecting the

children. Mom is forced, in order to protect her children, to confront good-ole-dad. The

only problem with this is that she does not understand that he is so “hooked” on this and

that he can not stop; nor is he willing to stop. What a problem pornography has caused in

this family. Good-ole-dad has spent thousands of dollars on pornography in the past

years. Money that could have been used to buy his children cloths, shoes or food.

Faced with a deflect decision, good-ole-dad must chose his family or pornography.

Unfortunately dad chooses the pornography over his wife and children. Now alone, mom

trys to make ends meet and take care of her children. Yes dad must pay support for the

children, but it is not enough. Mom must now go to work and leave her children under

the care of others. This little family will never be the same because of pornography.

How do things like this come about? Let’s look at it from two viewpoints.

First from the scientific standpoint. The body produces a hormone called adrenaline.

When a person feels in danger, stressed or excited adrenaline is used by the body for a

short time. This sometimes gives “super” power to an otherwise weak person. This is a

normal function of the body, but this use of adrenaline is something that the body begins

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