Summary: There really is A Dad App, it’s called the Bibl. And there really is a ‘perfect’ ‘model’ Dad, God our heavenly Father. So Today (as we celebrate father’s day) let’s see what we can learn about being a DAD by looking at God the father.

The Dad App

Father’s Day 2013

Video – The Dad Life Rap

OKAY – now that was awesome… I don’t care who you are.

WELL TODAY – is Father’s Day… Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there…

AND – let me say a couple of things up front this morning…

#1 – I love being a dad. I really do. AND – my adventure into fatherhood began on March 20, 1984… (I was 6 years old @ the time)… Today I have three daughters (29,21,9 and 2 sons 7,25)

#2 – I know that Mother’s Day is the day that moms come to church and are honored… AND THAT – Father’s day, is traditionally the day dads come to church and are slapped around and told to step up because they are doing such a terrible job. DADS - we are not going to do that this morning.

#3 – I have always found that wearing the title of Father (one of the titles for our God) is an incredible honor and responsibility.

#4 – Dads (despite what modern culture and our secular media says) matter… A LOT! QUESTION… What do

• 90% of homeless and runaway children

• 63% of youth who commit suicide

• 80% of all rapist

• 85% of children with behavioral problems

• 71% of all high school dropouts

• 75% of all teens in chemical abuse centers

• 85% of all youth in prison

• 70% of all girls who become pregnant as teens

Have in common?

THEY ALL come from homes without a dad.

YEAH - I know there has been a lot of debate on the importance of fathers in the home in recent years. AND - let me say up front that though many single moms can and often, do a great job - it still does not diminish the importance of dad in the life of a child… I MEAN – it’s how the Creator of the universe wired, and set the system up….

OKAY… #5 – I recognize that just like with Mother’s day… father’s day can be pretty tough.

• MAYBE - you had a great dad and he is no longer here and you really miss him

• OR MAYBE - your dad was not around… OR MAYBE he was and things were not that good and it still kind of hurts

• OR MAYBE - you are a dad, and you are afraid that you are not measuring up.

YEAH – I recognize that holidays like Father’s Day come with an emotional charge.


#6 – my goal today is to first and foremost honor God our heavenly Father and second honor our the dads in this room…

And when I say dads I am talking about…

Dads and step dads

Foster dads and adopted dads

NOW – I know it’s the weekend and it’s early.

SO MAYBE - you are here and you are not sure if you are a dad.

WELL is that’s case I would like to help you out a little…

If you have ever….

pretended you were asleep when you heard the baby crying

after finishing your super size Macdonald French fries began to invade your 4 years old happy meal…

started out a lecture to your kids on any topic with the following 6 words “back when I was your age...”

borrowed your sons car to take your wife out on a date in order to impress her

gave your teenage daughter a pair of sweat paints to wear over the new shorts she just had to have

tried to hurry along your wife’s labor on December 31st so you could get in that tax deduction

meet your 16 year olds daughter's boyfriend at the door with an assault rifle

If you have ever….

had your mouth full of vomit that didn’t come from your own stomach…

considered the creative use of duct tape as a behavior modification tool…

If the mean life expectancy of a $20 bill in your wallet has fallen to less than 5 seconds…

If the tiny bathroom with the locking door has become your last bastion and fortress of solitude…

Realized that it's been five years since you saw a movie that didn't have a talking animal in it...

Passed gas in the car and blamed it on your son

Allowed a group of 8 year old girls to paint your toenails

Found yourself hugging a 22 year old man whose wife has just left him

Became overwhelmed with emotion when a young boy asked you to baptize them

You just might be a dad


SO – are there any dads out there this morning?

NOW IF - you’re like most men… EVEN - those who had a poor or harmful experience with their own fathers - you have a general idea of the kind of father you want to be.

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