Summary: There really is A Dad App, it’s called the Bibl. And there really is a ‘perfect’ ‘model’ Dad, God our heavenly Father. So Today (as we celebrate father’s day) let’s see what we can learn about being a DAD by looking at God the father.

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The Dad App

Father’s Day 2013

Video – The Dad Life Rap

OKAY – now that was awesome… I don’t care who you are.

WELL TODAY – is Father’s Day… Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there…

AND – let me say a couple of things up front this morning…

#1 – I love being a dad. I really do. AND – my adventure into fatherhood began on March 20, 1984… (I was 6 years old @ the time)… Today I have three daughters (29,21,9 and 2 sons 7,25)

#2 – I know that Mother’s Day is the day that moms come to church and are honored… AND THAT – Father’s day, is traditionally the day dads come to church and are slapped around and told to step up because they are doing such a terrible job. DADS - we are not going to do that this morning.

#3 – I have always found that wearing the title of Father (one of the titles for our God) is an incredible honor and responsibility.

#4 – Dads (despite what modern culture and our secular media says) matter… A LOT! QUESTION… What do

• 90% of homeless and runaway children

• 63% of youth who commit suicide

• 80% of all rapist

• 85% of children with behavioral problems

• 71% of all high school dropouts

• 75% of all teens in chemical abuse centers

• 85% of all youth in prison

• 70% of all girls who become pregnant as teens

Have in common?

THEY ALL come from homes without a dad.

YEAH - I know there has been a lot of debate on the importance of fathers in the home in recent years. AND - let me say up front that though many single moms can and often, do a great job - it still does not diminish the importance of dad in the life of a child… I MEAN – it’s how the Creator of the universe wired, and set the system up….

OKAY… #5 – I recognize that just like with Mother’s day… father’s day can be pretty tough.

• MAYBE - you had a great dad and he is no longer here and you really miss him

• OR MAYBE - your dad was not around… OR MAYBE he was and things were not that good and it still kind of hurts

• OR MAYBE - you are a dad, and you are afraid that you are not measuring up.

YEAH – I recognize that holidays like Father’s Day come with an emotional charge.


#6 – my goal today is to first and foremost honor God our heavenly Father and second honor our the dads in this room…

And when I say dads I am talking about…

Dads and step dads

Foster dads and adopted dads

NOW – I know it’s the weekend and it’s early.

SO MAYBE - you are here and you are not sure if you are a dad.

WELL is that’s case I would like to help you out a little…

If you have ever….

pretended you were asleep when you heard the baby crying

after finishing your super size Macdonald French fries began to invade your 4 years old happy meal…

started out a lecture to your kids on any topic with the following 6 words “back when I was your age...”

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