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Summary: This sermon teaches practical steps on how to master the emotion of anger.

INTRODUCTION: Well, I can second this emotion. When I was growing up there used to be a song that we would sing that said, "if you are happy and you know it clap your hands, stomp your feet, and say Amen!" "If you are happy and you know it then your face will truly show it." I believe this was to teach us that our expressions are visible as well as viable. This song teaches us that our internal wellness shows up in our external demeanor. In other words, what’s going on - on the INSIDE - has a way of showing up on the OUTSIDE.

Just like that old R&B hit, "It’s written all over your face, you don’t have to say a word". Some things you are going through - you don’t have to say it, nor shout it - we see it. Oh yes, it’s written all over your face. You don’t have to say a word. Honey, we are reading chapter and verse of what’s going on in your life. One of the emotions that is easy to read is this emotion called ANGER.

One preacher once said that we live in a world that has gone mad. I believe this statement. We are now hearing new terms to describe uncontrollable anger.

Road rage is a term used to describe our reactions to those who we feel are unfit to drive on the highways.

Air Rage is a term used to describe disgruntled passengers who are growing increasingly upset with the airline industry. Thus, they take their frustrations out on airline personnel.

Oh yes, I am convinced that the battle of the ages still rages. We must learn how to deal with our anger! Because, we need to understand that ANGER is one letter short of DANGER.

Dangerous anger made Cain kill Abel.

Dangerous anger made Saul lose his throne.

Dangerous anger made Moses smite the rock.

Have I got a witness?

When anger is not met with a biblical solution you can end up killing yourself. Anger is a killer. If it does not kill you - physically - it gets you - emotionally - but the ultimate end is to kill you - spiritually.

Now, this message is not an attempt to massage those of you who have been a bit upset. I am trying to find some transparent children of God who can identify that there have been times in your life that you have been "down right mad".

Has life ever made you MAD? It seems that when things go BAD in our life we tend to get MAD. Has life gone BAD on you? Thus, it has made you MAD.

Does life have a way of playing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in the affairs of your life?

Look at the atmosphere in the text that leads to anger. There was bad understanding (v.18) lying (v.25), backbiting (v.31) -- all of this

can make you mad.

TRANSITION: In our text, this Philippians writer gives us some positive principles for problematic parishioners and preachers who pilgrimage on this planet. Apostle Paul gives us some ANSWERS, ANGLES, and ANTIDOTES on how to adequately deal with ANGER.


In Ephesians 4:31, Paul uses the word thumos. This word is translated "rage". It literally describes a blazing fire or wildfire.

HIDEOUS ANGER (RAGE) is a harmful kind of anger that spreads like wildfire consuming everything in its path.

Did you hear what I said? HIDEOUS ANGER (RAGE) is called a WILDFIRE.

Let me hear the church say: WILDFIRE!

I did a little research in National Geographic and I discovered that WILDFIRES begin in DRY PLACES. Rage erupts in the midst of dry places and people.

You show me a place or a person that is only getting a SPRINKLE OF GOD’S LOVE and DRIZZLE OF HIS FORGIVENESS and I will show you a place or a person that can be a potential WILDFIRE.

Let me hear the church say: WILDFIRE!

WILDFIRES start in DRY PLACES! And I don’t know about you but I want a:





Wildfire! I am convinced that when there is no SPIRITUAL RAIN in your life, God does not REIGN over your life. Wildfire! Ephesians 4:31

admonishes us to "get rid of that kind of anger."

Why? Because, when you lose your temper you are losing so much more than just your temper. What can I lose, preacher? I am so glad you asked.

LOSE YOUR JOB -- Watch me now: NOBODY wants to work alongside SOMEBODY who can’t get along with ANYBODY.

LOSE YOUR FRIENDS -- Watch me now: NOBODY wants to be a friend with SOMEBODY who can’t get along with ANYBODY.

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