Summary: This Sermon urges us to consider the brevity of human life and the little control that we have over its span.

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Solomon says that visiting a funeral is greater than visiting a party. At a party, people think more about that night of festivity and folly. But at a funeral, we are inclined to think about eternity. James in our text, ask a great question; "What is Your Life?" It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and than vanishes away. To this end, we shall consider the "Danger of Living Presumptously."

I. The Language of Life.

A. Planning without purpose.

B. Presuming that the tommorow will come.

C. Providing for a time you don’t have.

II. The Limitations of Life.

A. Vapor

B. Vanishing

C. Vanity

III. The Length of Life.

A. Short

B. Seasonal

C. Significant

IV. The Loan of Life.

A. Lender (God)

B. Loan (life)

C. Lease (term)

V. The Lord of Life.

A. Creator (God)

B. Caretaker (God)

C. Commander (God)

VI. The Law of Life.

A. God’s Way.

B. God’s Will.

C. God’s Warning.

VII. The Lessons of Life.

A. Live according to God’s Will.

B. Live according to God’s Word.

C. Live according to God’s Wisdom.

Conclusion: Live today, as if it were your tomorrow! What if tommorow doesn’t come?

May God Bless and Keep You

Pastor Rodney L. Johnson Sr.,

Historic Bethlehem Baptist Church

Hahnville, LA.


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