Summary: How unnecessary debt can compormise the home, the church and the spirituality of a person


Proverbs 22:26-27 & Romans 13:8

Intro: Let me first start by saying being in debt is not a sin. Being in bondage to your debt is sin. We are living in a society they is absolutely dependent on credit. The United States national debt is 8.8 trillion dollars. Since 1969 the United States has spent more than its income. In 1946 a man named John Biggins invented the “charge-it” program that later became the basis of the first two credit cards issued in 1958 the American Express and Visa. Without credit it is almost possible to buy anything. Without some type of credit score you can’t buy a car and you definitely can’t borrow the money for a house.

Credit, when used right, is not a bad or sinful at all. It can be a powerful and useful tool. The problem with credit is that it has become abused and absolutely ruined the lives of millions of people and will claim millions more. Right now in the United States alone there is $753 billion dollars in credit card debt alone. I want to preach this evening on the subject; “THE DANGER OF UNNECESSARY DEBT.”

However, credit card debt is not the only type of debt I want to preach on this evening. Many people today take on a load of debt without considering the dangers that accompany it. With all debt there is a certain level of risk the debtor assumes. When a person overloads their self then they become in bondage to that debt. That is when debt becomes sinful. I know many people who have just overwhelmed themselves and then laughed when the bank repossessed their stuff. Now if you make a debt you are legally bound to meet the obligations of paying it back on the terms you agree on including the interest. In the Old Testament the collecting of interest on a loan was forbidden against the poor. This goes from everything to cars, houses to even taxes. Now whether we like it or not we are legally bound by the Word of God to subject ourselves to the higher powers of this land (Romans 13). Our text tells us not to go into debt or even cosign one unless we are sure we can repay it. Many times many of you out of the goodness of your heart have co-signed for an in-law or a distant family member but the Bible is plainly against it. (Proverbs 11:15) He that is surety for a stranger shall smart for it: and he that hateth suretiship is sure. You very reputation is on the line when it comes to debt and you will do yourself a favor by just telling that person no. I want to give you three ways unnecessary debt can affect you.


A. A recent survey showed that the leading causes of divorce were as follows

1. Financial hardships

2. Infidelity

B. Many young married couples take on more than they can handle

C. Often times a wife who has never worked a day in her life is forced to take on a job (This is not safe!)

D. They want to live the big lifestyle then they find themselves overloaded with debt

E. I am a firm believer that a family should spend time together in a vacation atmosphere. Debt often hinders that

F. I believe it is right at times to take you wife out to eat and your kids somewhere fun but when you are covered in debt you cant do that

G. Have you ever saw your wife looking at something and you knew she wanted it real bad but you just had to pass it up because of the debt you was in

H. The reason for this is because you are either always working trying to pay for all the things you have bought or you are to tired from working to pay for all the thing you bought

I. Because of this joy is taken out of the home life


A. Many Christians today are in a financial mess because of one simple reason

B. They refuse to tithe.

C. I have heard the saying it is an Old Testament concept

D. Well what it is, is the right thing to do ‘

E. If you want to set around and do without the blessings of God withhold what is rightfully His and see what happens

F. You may set around for awhile with a pocket full of money put there will come a time when it will be gone

G. Tithing is one sure way to have joy with God. The lack of tithing is one sure way to be a miserable person.

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