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Summary: Romans 8:14 says "For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God". What leads you?

Romans 8:14

For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

This means something must be leading, and everyone is been led by something. Some people are being led by the spirit of God. Some are not being led by the spirit of God. The right sons of God are those that are led by the spirit of God The reverse, as many as are not led by the spirit of God are the sons of the devil.

It is important to know who is at the steering of one¡¦s life, the driver, the director of one¡¦s life. To drive is to push, it is to urge somebody forward, negatively or positively. To drive is to propel a person, pushing the person forward forcibly, it is to control, direct, to guide, to compel a person by force to do certain things.

It is important to know who is at the driving seat of one¡¦s life. Many years back in the Primary School, you have to be able to touch your ears over your head for admission, This is a bad method because of those who may have growth impediments. A teacher in Pry 1 had a way of keeping us longer than the normal time school closes. As soon as it is 12, we stop schoolwork to start story hour. The teacher keeps us look forward to this story hour and to keep us from fighting. There was a story. There was an animal city with problems, which needed a wise man. They thought the tortoise was the wisest and they called the tortoise. He studied the problem and told them his service was free. The city had Gold in the palace. The tortoise had its eyes on this gold to steal it. He requested that the day he would be leaving the town, he wanted a deaf driver to drive him in the canoe. He finished his business, stole their gold and left with the deaf driver. He had not gone too far before they noticed. Immediately, they ran to the beach and cried out to the deaf driver to stop the boat and assist them recover their stolen goods. The deaf man, of course, did not hear them, but Mr. Tortoise waved to the man to be faster. He obeyed the tortoise because he could not hear his people. Deaf spirits is driving many people. Something inside their spirit is deaf.

As many as are led by the spirit of God are the sons of God. Specific driving powers have messed up men. You need to pray if these are driving you and set yourself free. These powers have caused more problems than all the wars, than all the sicknesses in hospitals, they are causing problems of sending people to hell fire. It is so easy to go from the church to hell fire. Ananias and Sapphire went from before Apostle Paul right in the midst of God¡¦s children to hell fire.

Some dark drivers are:

1. Lust ¡V the lust of the eyes. There are some people that the only thing they think about all their life is sex and it drives them. We were at the reception in a Hotel. A fat man came in looking for prostitutes. The hotel maid said they did not have but the man requested them to get one or two for him. As she refused, someone came from behind the altar calling the man Elder ¡K The man comes to the pulpit but is driven by lust. Does something in you naked a woman in the secret of your heart? A lot of men and women are terribly into masturbation. Speak to that driver to leave you alone, lest this driver drives you to hell fire. There was once a young man that went to a party. He met a lady and committed immorality with her. He escorted her home and she gave the proper address to him and asked him to come and look for her the next day. He went to the same house and met a woman from whom he inquired about the lady. The woman was so surprised and said, please wait here, while she called all the other occupants in the house. When they asked him all the details of the person he was looking for, he then found out that she was dead. She died 7 years ago. He slept with a spirit of the grave.

At this point, let us pray this prayer point:

Every dark driver in the vehicle my life, die in the name of Jesus.

A lady went for counselling and told this pastor all her problems. He said, ¡§let us look into the word of God¡¨. He opened his bag and instead of bringing out his bible, condoms fell out of his bag. The sister ran away from the pastor. Lust shares the same seat with sins like pride and envy because of their distinction of being invisible. It is slippery and hard to pin down. You can¡¦t see it on the face. A man in the secret corner of his room takes a nude picture, stares at it, digests the image, arouses himself and has evil imagination and his blood begins to boil. A woman came here 3-4 years ago. She brought a lot of pornographic films and told me that she watches then together with her husband. She said, ¡§Do not watch it sir, just burn it, it will make you sick¡¨. The picture on the pack really did make me sick truthfully. Because of this strange driver of lust, kings have renounced their thrones, saints have renounced their Gods, husbands and wives have renounced their lifetime partners that have gone through thick and thin with them. I pray that as many of such shall be delivered in Jesus name. Some study people in church, study statures etc. Such ones need to pray that evil driver to depart from their life.

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