Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: A sermon about what takes place when God is given His proper place in the House Of God.

The Day God Filled The House” Text 2Chron 5:13-14.

Intro: Our text gives us the exciting account of the dedication of Solomon’s temple. The temple was the fulfillment of a promise made by God to King David. Dave Has wanted to build a permanent dwelling place for the ark of God. But was not allowed o t do so because he was a man of war. However God Promised Dave that He would give him a son who would build a magnificent temple unto the Lord. That Son of course was Solomon.


As we enter into 2Chron chap 5 The temple has been completed, and the preparations are being made for its dedication. Solomon orders all the things dedicated by his dad David, as well as al the instruments to be used in the service of the temple be moved from the tabernacle to their new place in the temple.

This was a special occasion indeed Israel had never known a stationary place of worship for years they had known only the portable tent called the tabernacle. It was a constant reminder of their wilderness wanderings. But this was about to change. Solomon’s temple due to the fact it was a permanent building implied that God had established his people in the land of promise, never to wander again. When the temple was dedicated, the Lord showed His approval in am most exciting way.

God Filled the House When:

1. God returned to his revered place

A. Everyone assembled for the occasion.

1 The Leaders of Israel were there.( 5:2)

It has been said many times that everything rises or falls on leadership.

There is an element of truth in that statement. Solomon was about to dedicate the “House of God”. He knew that the presence of himself, and the leaders of Israel would demonstrate the importance of the event. It’s important for members of the church to be faithful, when this body of believers meets to worship. But if you hold a position in the leadership of the church, your faithful attendance or lack thereof helps set the Tone for the rest of the body.

A Leader is…

A leader is 1 who has followers. An effective leader is not someone who is loved or admired. He or she is someone whose followers do the right thing. Popularity is not leadership. Results are. Leaders are highly visible. They, therefore set examples. Leadership is not rank or privileges, titles, or money. Leadership is responsibility.

Anyone who holds a position in the church and yet will not be faithful to God’s house is setting a bad example. One who has been given the responsibility of a position in the church also has the added responsibility of setting the standard for faithfulness. ( only reasons not able work, deathly ill, or DEAD)

( Board at OuJe).

2. The People Were There( 5:6)

It is important for every member of the church to be faithful to God’s house. You never know what you might miss. You might miss the very thing that you need. Having to miss a service now ad then( work) , Death, is completely understandable, but haphazard attendance in the house of God by God’s kids is not understandable.

B. They made sacrificial offerings(5:6)

Theses sacrififal offerings represented the best the worshippers had to offer. They were being offered to the Lord in worship and adoration. We are not required today to sacrifice animals in order to worship God. They RE COMMANDED BY God to sacrifice something far more valuable-their whole person. (Romans 12:1) Paul is saying here we must make a full surrender to the Lord. We give the Lord, the sacrifices of our time, energy, talents, and finances for His service.

C. The Ark is placed in the most holy place.(5:7).

The ark of the covenant was the physical symbol of the presence and power of God among His people. The lid of the Ark was called the mercy seat. It was there between the wings of the cherubim that God’s Glory appeared 1 time a year. On the day of atonement, and communed with the high priest, and rolled back Israel’s sins for one more year.( Exodus 5:22).

(2) Just as the Ark, representative of God’s presence and power, was returned to it’s revered place in the Holy of Holies, even so, must we be careful to keep the Lord as the central focus of all we do in God’s house. We must do nothing that would grieve His presence.

St Augustine once said” Jesus Christ is not valued at all until he is valued above All”. In other words Jesus must be at the center of our lives-.

2. God Received His Rightful Praise.

(A Heart for praise).

There is one thing that we get back to as Pentecostal people, is praising God.

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